How to lose Weight: This Former Anorexic “cracked The Code”

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Dear friend,

Do you ever feel confused by all the health and diet information out there?

I sure do.  In fact, when I was growing up… I was anorexic.

I tried every diet known to man.  I was obsessed with my weight.  I even became a personal trainer…

And even though I was a certified personal trainer (for 20  years now), I would still get confused.  But I have finally “cracked the code.”

how this out-of-shape 50-year-old woman with Hormone imbalances lost 30 pounds in just 12 weeks…

Dear Friend,

Did you know that you can reset your metabolism at any age so you start burning fat like you did in your 20s or 30s?

It’s true.

And over my 20 years of experience as a certified personal trainer I’ve seen how it works.

In fact…

I made this discovery almost by accident when one of my clients lost 30 pounds in just 12 weeks!

Here’s what happened:

How to Lose weight without counting calories or cutting out foods you love

Dear Friend,

If you want to lose weight without having to do a diet, count calories, or cut out the foods you love… then this is going to be the most exciting article you every read…

Here’s why:

Just the other day, I was talking with one of my clients name Julie. And Julie recently lost 32 pounds in just 12 weeks working with me.

Are You making these metabolism mistakes? 3 Ways to Speed up Your Metabolism & Burn Fat

speed up metabolism

Dear Friend,

As we get older, our metabolism slows down and we naturally gain weight… Right?

Actually, this isn’t completely true.

You see, MOST of us have settled for this myth…

But there is a way to turn back the clock, speed up your metabolism, and start burning fat like a furnace… 24/7!

The little-known way to protect yourself from the cold and flu this winter…

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Dear Friend,

I’m about to show you how you can prevent yourself from getting the cold or flu this winter and…

… you won’t have to take any drugs, medication, or anything that has any type of side effect.

And the strangest part is that hardly anyone knows about this.

Elimination Diet – Week 1

Height: 6’0″
Weight: 179 lbs
BodyFat: 7-8%

Dear Friend,

If you’ve ever wondered what nutrition plan is the best… or how to get rid of auto-immune disorders and disease… This will be the most exciting message you ever read.

Here’s the story:  I’m using myself as a “human guinea-pig” to cure some issues I’m having with my body.  For example, I’m currently experiencing:

How to Be a Man’s Man (or Woman’s Woman)

How to Be a Man's Man

Whether you want to be respected, successful, or enjoy the most out of life, it’s important to know how to be a man’s man (or woman’s woman).  In this role, you command respect, accomplish a lot more and literally get more out of life.

This article will look at a few keys to being a man’s man and will reference a few articles and books that serve as incredible resources.

The Best Fitness Workout Routine – Surprise!

The Best Fitness Workout Routine

“What’s the best fitness workout routine?  How can I tone up as fast as possible?”

This is the most common question I got as a personal trainer.

NEWS FLASH!  The workout you do isn’t as important as many so called “experts” would have you believe.

In fact, when your nutrition is on point, you could do ten different types of workouts and get the same results from all of them.

So… is there an ideal routine you should be doing… read on and let’s get through the scams out there!