Are You making these metabolism mistakes? 3 Ways to Speed up Your Metabolism & Burn Fat

speed up metabolism

Dear Friend,

As we get older, our metabolism slows down and we naturally gain weight… Right?

Actually, this isn’t completely true.

You see, MOST of us have settled for this myth…

But there is a way to turn back the clock, speed up your metabolism, and start burning fat like a furnace… 24/7!

Listen, I know you’ve probably been told that your metabolism slows down.  I’ve heard it too.

But that’s for “average people” who settle for an “average” life.

You and I are different, right?  We’re not going to settle.

And I’m about to share 3 simple ways you can start turning back the clock and speeding up your metabolisms so you burn fat like a furnace, have more energy, and cut this nonsense about having to settle for a slow metabolism…

Here’s what it’s all about:

Over my 20 years of helping people lose weight and reset their metabolism, I discovered a few secrets…

And these secrets work every time with every person.  That means… if you use them… they will work for you too.

Now, this article isn’t the end-all for speeding up your metabolism and losing weight.  That would require much more time and it would require us to chat so I could understand your unique situation.

By the way, you can set up a free call with me here if you are serious about losing weight and taking control of your body…

Anyway… back to the metabolism…

Most people try to lose weight a few ways:

  1. They restrict calories
  2. They do a diet (like fasting, keto, paleo, etc…)
  3. They do a program (like weight-watchers)
  4. They exercise like crazy

And here’s the problem…

All of these things actually SLOW DOWN your metabolism.  Yep… they slow it down and set you up to fail.

Think about it…

Haven’t you ever done diets like these, and then once you stop you gain more weight back?

This is because you’re actually slowing down your metabolism!

So let’s look at 3 ways to SPEED UP your metabolism instead…  Sound good?  Okie Dokie 🙂

1. Eat More… More Often

Sounds weird right?  Like it would cause you to gain weight?

But… what really happens is you speed up your metabolism so it’s starts burning fat and calories like a Ferrari engine!

Think of it this way…

Imagine a fire.  If you throw a bunch of wood on the fire all at once, it burns big for a little while… and then simmers out.

Likewise… if you never feed the fire, the flame either burns out or barely burns at all.

Now imagine stoking that fire all day long…

What do you get?

A HUGE, hot, roaring fire.

And this is how your metabolism works…

Starve your metabolism and it won’t burn at all.  Feed it and it will burn hot and intense!

2. eat protein at each meal

Protein does sooooo much for the body…

It helps your body rebuild lean tissue, regulates your blood sugar, give you sustained energy…

But one of the most important thing is… you guessed it:

Speeds up your metabolism.

The problem is… most people have a hard time getting protein.  They eat tons of carbs (including fruit), which actually causes them to store fat…


A lot of people also eat “incomplete” protein, which doesn’t really get absorbed into the body.

Things like nuts, grains, beans, etc… are all incomplete proteins and really don’t have the effect most people are looking for.

It’s the meats, poultry, fish, and eggs that give your body the jump-start it need to burn fat and repair itself.

And you should eat these things at EVERY single meal.

3. Eat breakfast as soon as you get up

Intermittent fasting has become popular… but it’s actually a recipe for disaster.

It slows your metabolism down as badly as starvation diets or calorie restricting diets.

And the first problem is that most people skip breakfast when fasting.

Remember that analogy about the fire?

Well good luck speeding up your metabolism if you don’t eat until the middle or end of the day.

The truth is, most Americans skip breakfast, have a small lunch, and then eat a HUGE dinner.

And guess what…

We’re the fattest country in the world!

Listen, I don’t mean to offend… I’m just being honest.

If you want to BURN fat all day long, and speed up your metabolism… then you’ll want to eat breakfast…

And then eat every 2-3 hours like you’re stoking a fire…

But remember to add protein at all of those meals.

So… you see how this all comes together?  Good… I’m so glad.

But here’s the thing:

This is just a small snippet of things.

If you want to get a handle on your metabolism… and reset the clock… then set up a free call with me so I can help you with your unique situation.

And if you’re not read for that… watch the free masterclass, which shows you the 4 ways to lose weight fast and permanently.

I’ll talk to you soon!