Welcome to my Resources section.  This is a list of the best tools and sites I recommend for building your business and health.

I have tested every recommendation on this page

Before digging into the awesome resources I know and trust, an important disclosure:

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Featured Product - Alkalized Silver

prevent the cold and flu this season!


Alkalized Silver kills bad bacteria, viruses and fungus in your body.

This essentially prevents you from getting sick.

The old "colloidal" silvers were acidic and you could only take them once you were sick.

But the alkaline silver can be taken all the time as a way of consistently killing the bad germs in your body.

Health & Fitness


Alkalized Silver

Alkalized Silver kills bad bacteria, viruses and fungus in your body.

This essentially prevents you from getting sick.

The old "colloidal" silvers were acidic and you could only take them once you were sick.

But the alkaline silver can be taken all the time as a way of consistently killing the bad germs in your body.



MSM is a natural supplement that helps with joint pain, arthritis and skin regeneration.

MSM is found in tree bark, fruits and the dew on grass.

I started taking this for my skin and it has made an incredible difference!

sport formula

Sport Formula Multi-Vitamin

This vitamin will cut your cravings AND speed up your metabolism so you lose weight faster and naturally!

Most multi-vitamins don't even get absorbed into your body... but this vitamin is different...

It's made from whole-foods, and is pharmaceutical-grade so your body absorbs everything.

Plus, it includes digestive enzymes and BCAAs...

cal mag

Calcium & Magnesium

Did you know calcium & magnesium are responsible for over 300 functions in the body? It's true...

A few include increasing bone density, fat-burning, muscle recovery, prevention of dementia, and more...

But calcium doesn't work without magnesium... and if you take pills or tablets, you won't absorb much.

That's why this special powder is formulated with the ideal mixture...


Adjustable Dumbbells

This is the perfect set of weights for working out anywhere.

They are versatile, easy to adjust, and you can easily add more plates as you get stronger and progress!


Turmeric Curcumin

Turmeric Curcumin is a powerful anti-inflammatory supplement.

These are roots that - when taken - help the body fight joint pain and reduce any inflammation within the body.

This is particularly helpful if you have swelling, arthritis, or chronic joint pain associated with inflammation...

In addition... Turmeric has been shown to help heart and brain health!



Probiotics help with gut health, digestion, and your immune system.

In addition, when you take a good probiotic it helps reduce bloating, helps your body absorb more nutrients from the foods you eat...

And it helps your body digest food easier so you get the most out of everything you eat, and you can maintain your ideal weight easier.


Phosphatidyl Serine
To Reduce Stress & Cortisol

Phosphatidyl Serine helps reduce stress and regulate your cortisol levels - which is a huge factor for weight loss.

When you can balance these things inside your body, you allow your body to function better... and lose weight faster.


c60 Super-Powerful

c60 is a super powerful anti-inflammatory. Not only does it reduce inflammation in the body... but it also causes cell-regeneration.

This causes anti-aging effects and helps your body function better and faster!

Health & Fitness Books


beat autoimmune by palmer kippola

This books gives you the step-by-step protocol to follow if you want to reverse an auto-immune disease and find out what foods you have a sensitivity to.

I personally used this protocol to "reset" my body and my gut. It worked wonders and I highly recommend it.


the hormone fix by dr. anna cabeca

One of the best books for female health... The Hormone Fix offers all-natural solutions for women struggling with PMS, Menopause and other hormone-related issues.

I use this book as a reference for my female clients. My favorite part is the quick fix for hot flashes.


the paleo thyroid solution by elle russ

Elle explains how to test yourself for a thyroid imbalance - even if you don't have a doctor. (And what type of doctor to use if you do have a thyroid imbalance.)

Most doctors only do 2 out of the 6 tests... and many people go undiagnosed who have a thyroid problem.

This book has saved several of my clients' lives!


wheat belly by dr. william davis

Dr. Davis is a cardiologist who conducted extensive studies on his patients and found that wheat and grains were one of the top contributors to heart disease, weight gain, and other auto-immune diseases.

This book gives you an in-depth look into how wheat impacts us as well as a very effective nutrition program.


train like a bodybuilder by erin stern

This is the most straightforward book for getting into shape I've read.

It's simple, effective and suitable for anyone who wants to hone their physique.
Erin is a 2x Natural Miss Olympia and she shares how she personally creates her amazing physique!

Business Building Books


Will it fly by pat flynn

This is hands-down the best guide for starting a business. You'll discover how to start from idea to concept... to bring it to the market without hitting the typical pitfalls and mistakes.

Any entrepreneur who wants to make sure they get started the right way needs this book!


Expert Secrets by russell brunson

This book is the perfect companion with Dotcom Secrets. It explains how to craft your message and story so that people will want to do business with you.

You'll discover how to identify your "hero's journey" and craft a compelling story to impact and help as many people as possible.


dotcom secrets by russell brunson

Russel Brunson is an extremely successful entrepreneur and this book is a step-by-step guide for setting up a website and making money from it.

He explains how to create products, offers and sales funnels. The book gives you detailed tactics you can apply right away!


choose by ryan levesque

Choose should be used with "Will It Fly" by Pat Flynn.

In Choose, Ryan Levesque shows you how to test your business idea to find out if it falls into the "sweet spot" market size. This sweet spot is where every 6-figure and 7-figure company has existed.


The millionaire fastlane by mJ deMarco

MJ DeMarco has started several multi-million dollar companies.

This book gives you the mindset you must have to succeed as an entrepreneur.

Plus MJ gives you the practical tips and tactics he used (and you can use to build a very successful business.


The 3-minute rule by brant pinvidic

This book explains the most effective process for pitching or selling a product or service... and will show you how to lay out your pitch and get any person interested so they will read your copy and other content for the sale.

Brant is a former Hollywood producer who learned how to pitch story ideas to tough Hollywood executives. (using print, websites, presentations and more)