How to Lose weight without counting calories or cutting out foods you love

Dear Friend,

If you want to lose weight without having to do a diet, count calories, or cut out the foods you love… then this is going to be the most exciting article you every read…

Here’s why:

Just the other day, I was talking with one of my clients name Julie. And Julie recently lost 32 pounds in just 12 weeks working with me.

But when Julie came to me, she was frustrated, tired, and bordering on feeling hopeless.

You see, she tried everything to lose weight… keto, paleo, fasting, calorie deficits, and even the grapefruit diet.

But as soon as she would even look at food… she told me she’d gain 2 pounds in a day!

And when I asked her how long she had tried to lose the weight, she just broke down and started crying. It had been over 6 years!

The truth is… she was desperate and about to give up.

I understood what Julie was going through… because over the last 20 years, I’ve helped over a thousand people go from feeling hopeless to being in control of their life.

Julie’s just a normal mom who had been struggling to lose weight…

But it wasn’t her fault that she couldn’t lose weight – no matter what she tried…

The real problem is the fitness industry…

There are hundreds of diets, thousands of supplements, gyms, trainers, and even TV shows…

And they’re all promoting the latest “fad” or “breakthrough” so that you’ll feel confused and believe you need to try it.

But these “breakthroughs” are really just clever marketing or re-packaging of old diets that never worked to begin with.

This is exactly what was happening with Julie:

She thought she needed to restrict calories, stop eating carbs, start fasting, and even eat nothing but grapefruits for 7 days…

However… all this did was slow down her metabolism and make her worse off than before.

Now she gained weight more easily than before!

Listen, over the last 20 years of helping people lose weight, I made a discovery…

when you speed up your metabolism, you cause your body to burn fat like butter in a microwave!

This is called putting your body into a thermogenic state… and it literally burns fat 24/7 – even while you’re sleeping!

So I put Julie on the protocol to reset her metabolism.

Julie started eating MORE… a lot more.  And she started eating carbs again.  Actually, she at pasta, rice, fruit, potatoes, cheese, nuts, meat… pretty much everything.

At first, she argued with me.  She was convinced she would gain a bunch of weight, but…

after 3 weeks, Julie had already lost 10 pounds!

She was never hungry, and her energy went through the roof.

Plus, her brain function and clarity improved because she wasn’t restricting foods anymore.  She was giving her body everything it needed to function.

In a matter of 12 weeks, Julie lost 32 pounds…

She came to me one day and started sobbing because she finally felt like a confident, happy woman.  She was in control again and she was so relieved because now she knew what to do.

And this is why I do what I do:

I believe everyone should be able to create their dream body without turning their life upside down or restricting foods and feeling miserable.

The fact of the matter is… it doesn’t have to be hard, and you don’t have to feel hopeless…

In fact, you can take the first step right now…

  1. Just book a free strategy call with me here…
  2. Then we’ll go over where you’re at and how to get where you want to go
  3. And if you want my help… I’m here for you.

Listen, if you’re still reading, take action.  The worst thing you can do is read this and then do nothing…

You’ll just continue wishing you had the results… you’ll let out that sigh every time you look in the mirror – wishing your body was different and wondering what to do.

Imagine… in just a matter of weeks you can be in-control and create the body you’ve been wanting.  You don’t have to settle anymore.

So let’s talk… book a free call now

I look forward to talking with you soon…


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