How to lose Weight: This Former Anorexic “cracked The Code”

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Dear friend,

Do you ever feel confused by all the health and diet information out there?

I sure do.  In fact, when I was growing up… I was anorexic.

I tried every diet known to man.  I was obsessed with my weight.  I even became a personal trainer…

And even though I was a certified personal trainer (for 20  years now), I would still get confused.  But I have finally “cracked the code.”

You see, I used to think a calorie deficit was the only way to lose weight.  I was wrong.  It actually slows your metabolism down – and causes you to GAIN weight later on.

Then I thought the “chicken & broccoli” diet was the best.  It wasn’t.  Because none of my clients could follow it.

I went through the Adkins, Paleo, Zone, South-beach – and now Keto – diet fads.  And they all bombed.

The truth is…

all of these diets force you to restrict foods.  And this – I found – is a recipe for disaster…

Here’s what happens:

You get some short-term results.  But then – after your initial results – you end up gaining the weight back.

Usually, you splurge – just to feel human.  And the weeks (or months) you’ve slaved to lose weight are for nothing!

And then you feel like a failure – like there’s something wrong with you.  

It feels hopeless.  But it’s not.

The problem is these diets.  They mess up your body.  And they throw your metabolism (and hormones) out of whack.

Once this happens – you get sucked into the vicious cycle of yo-yo weight loss…

And there’s only one way out.  You’ve gotta reset your metabolism.

I figured this out one day – while I was working with a client.

She couldn’t lose weight.  No matter what we tried, her body refused to let go of any fat.

To be honest, we were both ready to give up.  And then I thought of something:

There was an old book I read – from one of the most successful bodybuilders in history.  And in the book, he explained something mind-blowing…

Your metabolism is like a fire

Whenever you eat, it’s like throwing a log on the fire.  And whenever you exercise, it’s like throwing a log on the fire.

Except there are 2 caveats…

  1. If you eat the wrong thing (at the wrong time) it’s like smothering the fire.  It puts it out.
  2. If you exercise too hard, it’s like blowing the fire with an extinguisher.  And it puts it out.

So, as long as you eat certain foods – and you eat them frequently – you speed up your metabolism.  And when you exercise correctly, you also speed up your metabolism.

Actually, when you do these things – in the right combination – you RESET your metabolism.

And this is the jackpot…

Because when you reset your metabolism… you can eat like a normal human being again – without gaining weight.

You can say goodbye to the vicious yo-yo weight gain cycle.  You don’t have to do any more diets, calorie counting, or food restricting.

Instead, you eat in a simple way – that jump-starts your metabolism – and exercise less than 4 hours a week.

It’s simple.  So simple that most people don’t believe it works.  But it does.  I know because I’ve been using it for over 12 years. 

And my clients lose an average of 30 pounds in just 12 weeks!

That’s over 2 pounds a week – like clockwork.

Remember, you can do it.  All it takes is action and desire.

Talk soon,