How to Speed up your Metabolism–and burn fat like a furnace!

boost metabolism

Did you know you can speed up your metabolism?

It’s true.  And it’s actually not that difficult.

Plus, when you do what I’m about to explain, you can actually RESET your metabolism.

Imagine being able to eat like you did in your 20’s and 30’s without gaining weight.  This is possible.  And it just takes a few “tweaks.”

Ok… ok… first, we need to understand the main things that impact your metabolism.  There are three:

  1. What you eat
  2. Your muscle or lean body mass
  3. The exercise you do

Look, whenever you eat, you have the option of speeding up your metabolism.  But there’s a problem.

Most people eat foods that SLOW DOWN their metabolism…

Or they do things like fasting or calorie deficits.

And these things all SLOW DOWN your metabolism.  (This is why people end up yo-yoing with their weight.)

Think of it this way:

Each type of food (protein, carbs, and fat) has a specific impact on the body.

They aren’t bad or good.  They just have different impacts on the body.

So, because of this, you need to understand The Food Quadrant.

But don’t worry, it’s very simple.  The Food Quadrant simply divides your nutrition into 4 quadrants:

  1. What you eat
  2. How much you eat
  3. When to eat certain foods (and when NOT to)
  4. And how to combine the right foods at each meal

Cool… so what does that mean?

The answer is simple.

In a nutshell, you need to eat a mixture of foods (proteins, carbs, & fats) at each meal.  And then cut out carbohydrates at dinner.

You see, your body starts slowing down at night.  So if you put in a bunch of carbs (energy), your body can’t use it… and it stores it as fat.

Similarly, if you don’t eat a combination of foods at each meal… you don’t fuel your body correctly.

And your metabolism won’t speed up.

However, when you get good protein–and you mix it with slow-absorbing carbs and healthy fats–you boost your metabolism!

It’s not complicated.  But most people never figure this out.  Or they eat the wrong foods at the wrong time–and they sabotage their body.

Alright… so if you want to get some clarity, then sign up for a free strategy call with me.  We can go over this in more depth… and for your specific circumstances.


The next step for speeding up your metabolism is adding muscle

Look, a lot of women still believe that muscle makes you look bulky.  But that’s simply not true.

I’ll prove it.

A pound of fat is the size of a basketball.  Ok?

And a pound of muscle is the size of a softball.

So… if you replace 10 basketballs with 10 softballs, you’re not gonna look bulky.

In fact, most women (and people) who say they want to lose weight… really want to lose fat and sculpt their muscles.

Because if you ONLY lose weight, you’ll end up looking flat and soft.  Not toned and sculpted.

Plus… if you lose muscle… your metabolism will slow down!!!!  Yikes!

Instead, you want to increase your muscle AND lose weight/fat so that you boost your metabolism.

THEN… you’ll lose weight AND KEEP IT OFF!

See how this all works?

Now, the last step to boost your metabolism is to work out… CORRECTLY.

There’s a huge problem right now:

Most people work out too much–and it zaps their metabolism

Here’s what happens:

When you work out too much, you over-stress your body.  When you over-stress your body, it shuts down.

It thinks it’s under attack, so it goes into “conservation mode.”

This means is holds onto fat, stops burning calories, and even burns muscle!

And here’s something really interesting…

Over the last 30 years, we (as humans) keep working out harder and harder.


My guess is because the weight-loss industry keeps growing.  And people need an “angle” to sell their products.

So we keep pushing the needle higher and higher.  But guess what?!

It’s making us fatter and fatter!

Because we’re over-stressing our poor bodies.

We work… STRESS.
We exercise… STRESS.
We worry… STRESS.
We don’t sleep… STRESS.

You see a pattern here?

You’ve gotta work out in a way that doesn’t over-stress the body, but still boosts your metabolism so you can lose weight

So here’s the deal:

Back in the late 90’s there was a study done… with over 54,000 participants!

And they found the “sweet spot” for exercise.

You wanna know what it is?

Weights – 3x a week
Cardio – 3x a week

That’s it.

Now, it has to be done at the right intensity, the right volume, and the right duration.  But those things are all easy to figure out.

In fact, you can book a free strategy call with me now if you’d like to figure this out.

So listen, you can boost your metabolism.  Actually, you can RESET your metabolism.

And this is really the key to lose weight.

Your metabolism is the root cause of weight-gain or weight-loss.  And if you tip it in the right direction… you will get results.

Talk soon!