How the fitness and diet industry is deceiving you! (And why you only need 30 minutes a day to lose 10 pounds a month like clockwork)…

Dear Friend,

You’re being LIED to!

The fitness and diet industry is deceiving you.  And I’m about to prove it.

In fact, I’m about to explain why you only need to exercise 30 minutes a day, 6 days a week.  And you’ll STILL lose 10 pounds a month… and create your dream body!

Here’s the proof:

January, 1997 hits.  And there’s a buzz.  

Over the past few years, there have been scientific breakthrough after scientific breakthrough.

You see, we’re learning more about the human body (and how it responds to exercise, food, and supplements) than ever before.

Why?  What prompted this research?

Well, several years prior… the US banned steroids! 

Up until then, you could easily get (and use) just about any steroid you wanted.  And virtually every bodybuilder and fitness enthusiast used steroids to create a “magazine-ready” body.

Now people were freaking out.  And they were wondering if there were safe alternatives that could produce similar results for the body.

Were there natural alternatives without the side-effects?

This question prompted dozens of research studies.  And these studies transformed how we looked at diet, exercise, and supplementation!

There was one study in-particular that revealed never-before-seen data and information about diet and exercise…

This was the largest study ever done.  There were 54,000 participants.  And it took place over 100 days.

Now, most studies have a few dozen people.  And they’re done over a couple of weeks.

So this was a big deal.  The findings were more conclusive and concrete than anything out there.

And the results were shocking:

After looking at all 54,000 participants–over 100 days– the data revealed that working out with weight 3 times a week was the most effective.

Anything more didn’t yield any additional results.  

Likewise, anything less didn’t produce as good of results.

Training with weights 3 days a week was the “sweet spot.”  And the workouts averaged 30 minutes!

Next, the data showed that a person only required 30 minutes of cardiovascular activity–performed 3 days a week– to see rapid fat loss. 

These sessions were performed on the days the participants did NOT work out with weights.

Again, this was a “sweet spot.”  Additional cardiovascular activity did not accelerate the results in a 1:1 correlation.

In other words, as you did more cardio the additional benefits decreased.

So what were the results?  How well did this 30-minute plan work?

The average participant lost 32 pounds over the 100 day period… or 0.32 pounds per day!  

This equates to about 2.25 pounds per week… or 9.5 pounds per month!

Furthermore, the nutrition findings were just as shocking (for the time)…

The study showed that participants who ate 5-6 times a day lost the most weight and had the best health.

This was compared to eating once, twice, three and four times per day.

The reason 5-6 meals a day worked so well?

Three factors:

  1. Participants who ate 5-6 times a day had more stable blood sugar
  2. They were able to digest smaller meals more easily
  3. The participants had less cravings or hunger issues

This data goes against the modern diets and marketing your being force-fed today!

And there’s a reason for this…

In the 1990’s, fitness and diets were NOT a huge, multi-billion dollar industry.

They were still in their infancy.

So the market wasn’t saturated with salesmen and “gurus” trying to sell their gimmicks!

However, over the last 20+ years… the industry has exploded.

People have realized that normal folks like me and you buy diets, drugs, and gimmicks over and over again.

They realized that we’re susceptible to their clever marketing… and they can make money off of us!

The result?

The fitness and diet industry is bombarding us with lies–just to squeeze us for money!

And America is getting fatter and fatter.

Think about it… How is it possible that we know more about health than ever before… yet we’re getting FATTER every year?!

The answer is simple:  We’re being lied to and led down the wrong path.

Diets today aren’t just ineffective… THEY’RE DOWNRIGHT DANGEROUS!

They are causing more problems than benefits.

Listen, there are more women than ever before who have thyroid issues, hormone imbalances, gut issues, brain fog, and other problems.

And that is a direct result from the extreme diets today.  Which cut out entire food groups, severely restrict what you eat, and deprive the body of the foods it was designed to use.

So what’s the solution??


you need to cut through the marketing hype, the lies, and the misconceptions we’re all being given!

And you need to work with your body instead of against it.


So here’s what to do now…

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