009 – Mark Crowley Heart Leadership to Explode Business Growth & Create Exponential Results


Recognized globally as a workplace thought leader, Mark Crowley is a regular leadership contributor to Fast Company Magazine and has been published in the Seattle Times, The Huffington Post, Reuters, CEO Magazine Great Britain, USA Today, and by the Great Place To Work Institute. He’s interviewed CEOs and senior executives at innumerable high-performing companies (including Google, SAS, Gallup and the Cleveland Clinic) who are models for “managing the emotional side of work.” And his profound conclusion draws on new scientific research which shows that the human heart is a source of remarkable intelligence: What people feel in their hearts has tremendous influence over their motivation and performance in the workplace. “The heart is the driving force of human achievement.”

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Resources Mentioned:

3 Key Points:

  1. People don’t want transactional relationships anymore. They want to work for people who care and offer emotional support.
  2. Have consistent meetings, acknowledge people at the meeting, and leave notes that tell people how you appreciate them.
  3. Your employees must be your best customer. They interact the most with your customers.

Show Notes

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  • [01:48] – Mark shares why he leads from the heart and the benefits it has created for him
    • Mark’s childhood was extremely rough, and he inadvertently started leading from the heart out of necessity
    • After being kicked out of his house, Mark spent 5 years trying to survive in life and figured out what people need to thrive
  • [05:05] – Stu and Mark distinguish the difference between authenticity, vulnerability, and leading from the heart
    • How to know when to be emotional and when not to be
    • People never outgrow emotional support, but we’ve been conditioned to believe emotions will derail you in the workplace
  • [08:23] – When people don’t have emotional support, they reach a limit very quickly
    • When people work for a heart leader, they’ll scale mountains for them
  • [09:12] – Mark shares an example of how leading from the heart is STRONGER and there’s absolutely no weakness in the style
    • Even in the financial industry (a very unemotional industry) the top performers were desperate for emotional support.
    • The best performing people are more demanding of your time and interest.  They want coaching and advice on how to do better
    • Mark added 20% revenue in one year to a 25-year old company!
  • [13:55] – Mark explains how to lead from the heart, even if you feel very awkward when it comes to emotions
    • Simply put, Love Your People
    • Growing, developing, and recognizing your people is critical
    • Expressing gratitude is one of the most important ingredients to lead from the heart
  • [15:25] – Mark shares the BEST way to acknowledge your people
    • Thank people in the presence of their peers… thank EVERYONE
  • [17:12] – How to apply the heart leadership principles at a small business level (i.e. a fast-food franchise)
    • Good training and cross-training is very attractive and rewarding to employees
    • Constant recognition of people that perform is key to increase performance substantially
    • Figure out how to meet everyone’s needs
  • [18:56] – Mark explains whether or not you can overdo this style of leadership
    • Leading with all heart or all brain puts you at a disadvantage
    • You must mix the brain and heart by staying on the “human” level of business and relationship with your people
  • [21:14] – How to give feedback and criticism without shutting people down or causing confrontation
    • When you create a positive work experience for people, and you’ve acknowledged and recognized them, you create an opening to be direct with them
    • Leading from the heart doesn’t mean you back away from criticism, it simply means you have a civil conversation
  • [24:23] – The best practices and etiquette to deliver a compliment and show appreciation in the workplace
    • It’s important to use the right language and body language
    • People like to be recognized in all different ways – in person, using notes, in front of others, etc.  It’s important to use a variety of tactics
  • [28:10] – The ONE thing you can do to transform your life and business
  • [31:15] – Mark’s advice on regrets and mistakes
    • Mark explains how his relationship ended with his father and why forgiveness is so important
  • [32:28] – The best advice Mark ever received
  • [33:19] – The one book YOU should read
  • [34:12] – Why you should reconsider using the library
  • [35:00] – Why you should always be aware of what you’re doing and what type of example you’re leading by
  • [36:22] – How to get a hold of Mark

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