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Lifetime Physique E-Book

Lifetime Physique is a no-nonsense book that guides you through the Mental, Physical and Nutrition aspects of fitness.

You’ll learn the special 10-step transformation process that can turn anyone into a raging ball of motivation…

You’ll also learn how to combine nutrition, weight-training and cardio to maximize your results and create a chiseled physique!

Here are just a few things you’ll learn…

Page 28 - How to use visualization to create an incredible physique!

Page 22 - The 10-step transformation process that builds an exciting life and creates success

Page 58- A complete week of recipes that you can make under 20 minutes!

Page 72- How to build your own workout... complete with workout logs!

Page 93 - A comprehensive collection of exercise demos so you'll know exactly how to do each exercises

The Novo Method - Stu Schaefer

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The Novo Method E-Book

The Novo Method Paperback Book will show you how to achieve the extraordinary quality of life you desire and deserve by mastering your own life.

Veteran coach Stu Schaefer shares his breakthrough methods and his most effective strategies to create instant and permanent success…

Join the thousands of people across the country that have made the decision to have the life of their dreams!

Here are just a few powerful techniques you’ll learn when you get The Novo Method…

Page 188 - This special technique allows you to quickly end procrastination once and for all!

Page 54 - Ever feel like a Victim? Never again be victimized by anyone or anything... This tool puts the power back in your hands

Page 122 - How to stop being a doormat and take back control in your life WITHOUT hurting other people or jeopardizing your relationships

Page 99 - The #1 Reason most people's goals don't turn out and how you can re-program your mind to make sure any goal you set comes true!

Page 143 - How to create a Purpose for your life so you get excited to wake up every morning and live a fulling life with you at the helm

Page 164 - The proven success formula that professional athletes and famous entrepreneurs use to create success and crush any fear or doubt!

The Novo Method Success Pack

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The Novo Method Success Pack

The Novo Method Success Pack includes 7 Incredible Bonuses in addition to The Novo Method Paperback Book:

  1. The Novo Method Weight Training Guide
    • 3 months of Stu’s favorite weight training routines of all time
  2. The Novo Method Cardio Guide
    • How to determine your EXACT cardio needs
  3. THe Novo Method Nutrition Guide
    • Stu’s cutting-edge nutrition plan, specifically designed for you and your goals
  4. The Novo Method Audio book
    • So you can read the book no matter how busy you are
  5. The Nov Method Companion book
    • pecial journal that gives you action items and helps you fast-track your success
  6. The Novo Method Success Poster
    • A special poster to hang up so you have a constant reminder and stay motivated
  7. The Secret Success Formula DVD
    • A special filming of one of Stu’s seminar where he holds nothing back and teaches a group how to achieve any goal!