010 – How to Attract The Best Employees or Become A Precious Sought-After Employee with Kristine Sexter


Kristine A. Sexter is an industrial and organizational consultant who has devoted over 19 years to studying success and professional commitment. As an award-winning consultant in recruiting, developing and retaining top talent, she is nationally renowned as a professional speaker, consultant, and columnist and is the author of six books, including “Rolling Out the Recognition: Employee Retention Strategies for Manufacturers.”

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Resources Mentioned:

3 Key Points:

  1. To find the best employees you need to have a core value system so you know EXACTLY who you want in your company
  2. Being a sought-after employee requires consistency, a proactive mindset, and being a team player
  3. Your employees must be your best customer. They interact the most with your customers.

Show Notes

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  •  [02:10] – Kristine shares her insider information from her experience as a corporate recruiter
  • [04:23] – Listen to the horror stories of employees
    • The worst stories are when an employee actually dies!
    • Simple safety procedures actually make the difference between life and death
  • [06:30] – Coworkers with annoying habits
    • The magic words you should use when you approach a coworker that annoys you and it’s an awkward or delicate moment
    • What to say if your coworker has a problem with flatulence!
  • [10:55] – Make sure you don’t offend your coworkers
    • It’s rare people will be awkward, but you can prevent awkwardness with this one simple phrase
  • [13:08] – The components to becoming an exceptional, irreplaceable employee
    • Reliable, consistent, proactive and team oriented employees are a precious commodity
    • How to handle missing days or being late without it affecting your reputation
  • [17:06] – Should you ask questions if you don’t understand a project or try to figure it out on your own?
  • Have an outside or 3rd party to be able to bounce ideas off of
  • [18:37] – Why it’s critical for employees to have and take initiative within a company
    • Identify, articulate and offer two viable solutions to potential problems without being asked
  • [21:50] – How do you know when to stay at a company or cut ties and find a different company to work for…
    • Core Values must be identified as both an employee and employer
    • Working with a company is like a marriage. It must be a good fit with mutual benefit and respect
  • [23:41] – How top companies define their core values and use them to differentiate themselves to attract top talent
    • Companies must know what they’re looking for, not what they don’t want
    • Employers need to market their culture to attract top talent as much as they market their products and services
  • [27:30] – How small businesses and entrepreneurs can attract top talent when they offer a job opening
    • Reputation is gold. It’s earned and marketed through different avenues including social media
    • The one question you must ask to get the right perspective
  • [30:32] – What causes customer service to decline and how to combat this problem
    • How Chick-fil-a® has mastered the customer service model AND keep good talent
    • Pay people fairly, treat them as your number one customer, and treat them with respect!
  • [33:38] – Kristine shares her most outlandish employee story!
    • Have you ever gone to work without shoes?
  • [35:25] – The best advice Kristine has ever received
  • [36:54] – Why LinkedIn is the most underutilized approach for recruiting and why you need a LinkedIn profile as soon as you have your first job
  • [38:43] – What book Kristine absolutely says you need to read!
  • [39:37] – Connect with Kristine Sexter

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2) The Novo Method Success Pack: Create rapid success by learning how to overcome your mental blocks… then build your best body using my proven nutrition, cardio, and weight training program.