Stu’s Best: Success – The 3 Mistakes That Prevent Success


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Resources Mentioned:

3 Key Points:

  1. If you don’t give one idea/goal/person laser-like focus, you won’t be successful.
  2. Even with the best idea, perfect execution, and great content, you can fail if you’re in front of the wrong people.
  3. You can’t succeed if you don’t take action!

Show Notes

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  •  [01:14] – Stu shares the nuggets and tips that you DON’T hear
    • What Stu talks about after each episode
  • [2:05] – There are 3 main mistakes people make that prevent them from creating success
    • Success means relationship success, financial success, impact, and influence
    • Why influence is an important part to create a life of fulfillment
  • [05:30] – Why you MUST choose one thing to focus on and stick with it until it’s successful
    • When you have too many projects, your focus gets diluted
    • When you jump from project to project, you never give anything a chance to grow and actually become successful
      • Don’t fall for the “Shiny Object” syndrome
  • [09:08] – You MUST get in front of the right people
    • You can have the perfect product, idea, goal, execution, etc.. but if you don’t get in front of the right people, you’ll still fail
    • Experts report spending 80% of their time making sure they’re in front of the right people, and that they understand these people, and only 20% actually executing (selling, launching, dating, etc…)
  • [13:21] – You MUST take action
    • No matter how great your idea is, you are, your ideas are, etc… it means nothing without action
    • Perpetual research isn’t actually action
    • You need to fail and believe in yourself enough to know that you can recover and succeed
    • You need to be willing to look fooling and be uncomfortable
  • [17:23] – Research is necessary, but the type of research that’s necessary isn’t usually technical research
    • Most people let “research” prevent them from taking action
  • [18:40] – Get your FREE Goal Setting Guide or just leave me a comment or question and let’s have a conversation about how to create success

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