007 – Carolanne Miljavac Find Yourself & Amplify Your Power Through Vulnerability


With over 100 million video views and 450 thousand social media followers, Carolanne “CA” Miljavac has become the “Go To Girl” for a good laugh, motivation, loving truths and vulnerability. She can pull your heart strings while tapping your funny bone with a message of beauty from ashes. Her purpose in life is to spread love and joy, without sacrificing honesty and truth.  She believes we all have a story to tell. Abandoned, abused, broken and lost, grief taught her gratitude, pain gave her purpose, and loss revealed true love. Faith gave her wings to fly above fear, and she is on a mission to lovingly kick you out of your nest too!

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Resources Mentioned:

3 Key Points:

  1. Treat every day as though it’s your last. Share your story so that it can impact others and create a legacy.
  2. If people aren’t criticizing you and judging you, then you aren’t being vulnerable enough.
  3. If you get rattled from a negative comment or reaction, unplug and disconnect so you can surround yourself with a support group and take care of yourself.

Show Notes

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  •  [01:56] – Carolanne shares how she had a terrible childhood and how she used it to strengthen her
    • She was molested, grew up next to a meth house, and had an alcoholic, abusive father
    • Carolanne lost her 6-year hold to cancer
  • [03:45] – Carolanne explains why she was able to become stronger through tragedy and why other people spiral downward
    • Surrendering can create immense power
    • There’s two sides to every coin… when you’re successful you often have stories that come from pain
  • [05:29] – Carolanne shares her turning point in life when she experienced the most pain that forced her to change her life
    • Why you should pretend every day is your last day
    • How you can avoid pain and tragedy by changing BEFORE something bad happens
  • [08:00] – Why you don’t have to wait for something horrific to make a solid change
    • This is the importance of being vulnerable so you can share and hear other’s stories and learn from them
  • [11:20] – What it means to be vulnerable and how to safely be vulnerable
    • Each of us has a side that we resist showing the world, but we need to allow that side to shine – that’s being vulnerable
    • You’re going to be continuously learning every day… it’s important to be ok with change
  • [14:04] – Stop looking for advice and take action
  • [14:30] – Stu shares one of his own lessons from his college marketing teacher
  • [15:15] – If you aren’t getting any criticism or people judging you, then you’re probably not being authentic and real
    • You have to be willing to share what your truth is… even if it rubs a few people the wrong way
    • Be courageous enough to share all the things that make you you and the experiences that have brought you to this point
  • [17:37] – Carolanne shares the 5-minute habit she does to keep her mental fortitude and to stay focused on being authentic and powerful
    • Take silence time for yourself every single day, and allow yourself to be challenged
    • Face your demons and let them go to become stronger and more clear about who you are and your purpose
  • [21:00] – Everyone has fear, and it’s important to know that you can still take action despite your fear
    • Carolanne gets scared every single time she speaks, but she made a decision to do it despite her fear and discomfort
  • [22:41] – How to determine if your ideas are just a crazy thought, or a signal to take action on a specific path
    • When you can’t shake an idea, and it won’t leave, odds are you need to take action on that idea
    • The fleeting thoughts of judgments and failure are normal, and should be ignored
  • [25:08] – Carolanne explains how she recovers from negative criticism or backlash from being vulnerable
    • If you choose to respond to one negative comment, you must also respond to each the thousands of positive comments too!
    • When you get rattled, get offline and surround yourself with the support group in your life, exercise, and spend time to take care of yourself
  • [29:43] – Carolanne shares her biggest fear and insecurity that still keeps her up at night
  • [31:50] – Stu and Carolanne share their own insecurities that they still struggle with today
  • [38:26] – Carolanne shares her parting wisdom
    • You’re capable and responsible for your life so start taking responsibility for your life right now
    • What happens to you isn’t in your control BUT how you REACT is in your control
  • [39:17] – How to get a hold of Carolanne and find her book!.

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