043: How A Division 1 Texas Quarterback Found The Keys to Success While Surviving Maximum Security Prison

Sentenced to 65 years in a Texas prison, Damon West once had it all. He came from a great family, in a home full of God, love, support, and opportunities to reach any dream. A natural born leader, with good looks and charm, and a three-year starting quarterback, he appeared to be the all-American kid living out his dream. Underneath this facade, however, was an addict in the early stages of his disease. After suffering childhood sexual abuse by a babysitter at the age of nine, he began putting chemicals into his body to alter the way he felt, starting with drinking and smoking. By the age of 12, he would escalate to marijuana use. In his mind, he was not hurting anyone by smoking pot; in reality, he was feeding the monster that is addiction.

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Resources Mentioned:

3 Key Points:

  1. No matter what is going on in your life, you can overcome your challenges and it can be simple process
  2. One little mindset shift will make the difference between being controlled in live or you controlling life
  3. Why you are probably in a prison right now… and the simple key to get out.

Show Notes

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  • [01:30] – Damon explains how Jon Gordon (the most sought-after leadership coach for college athletes) found him and how they wrote the book: Coffee Bean. (This is all based on a lesson Damon realized in maximum-security prison!)
  • [03:44] – The two commodities you can’t live without.  (And how these caused Damon to become addicted to Meth!)
  • [06:10] – The point Damon hit rock bottom… and… how he was looking down the barrel of an assault rifle when the swat team closed in on him and arrested him.
  • [10:30] – The keys to rebounding from ANY negative situation in your life.  (Damon learned this secret when he had to survive the gangs coming after him in prison!)
  • [15:20] – How you can instantly change the way people view you, treat you and react to you with one simple “power move”.  (This move is so simple you can instantly do it and the results are so fast you will be kicking yourself for waiting so long for this!)
  • [17:10] – The simple little mindset shift you can use to create massive success in your life… and the 5 easy steps to do it in!  (Damon used this secret to get out of jail in just six years even though he was sentenced to life in prison!)
  • [24:01] – What your past, present and future have to do with how you set goals and how to change or create your mindset.  (This little trick will let you overcome most of your mental barriers almost instantly!)
  • [25:30] – Why you are in a self-imposed prison and the lesson Damon has for you to free yourself and achieve massive success in life.  (Damon explains how you are in a worse prison than he ever was… and the simple little secret to get rid of your prison in 30 minutes or less!)
  • [31:00] – The most powerful sentence in the English Language.  (Remember this sentence and you will fill yourself with unlimited power!)
  • [33:00] – Damon’s parting piece of advice and how you can find him! 

Awesome Resources!

1) The Goal Setting Guide: Learn how to set goals and actually accomplish them within 90 days!

2) The Novo Method Success Pack: Create rapid success by learning how to overcome your mental blocks… then build your best body using my proven nutrition, cardio, and weight training program.