029: The Surprising Secret Of A Colorado Artist Who Became Extremely Wealthy! (Ken Elliot)

Have you ever had the sense that your thoughts might actually be doing something?

Imagine you are a genie and everything you wish begins to form up right in front of you. First is the thought and thought creates form. Ken Elliott’s personal experiences and the stories in this book describe exactly how your thoughts create matter and concepts in real-time. What you are thinking directly influences your life but it has never been fully explained until now.null

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Resources Mentioned:

3 Key Points:

  1. We are always creating our lives… there is no “starting” period so it’s important we begin to do it with purpose right now
  2. Controlling our thoughts and the path we keep ourselves on is actually really simple when you learn the best method
  3. Belief and faith are two ways to get the life you want… and most people never realize the power of them!

Show Notes

**Click the time stamp to jump directly to that point in the episode.

  • [01:50] – What “manifesting” is and why it’s different than what you’ve heard in the past. (This is so natural and normal, you won’t even believe it!)
  • [07:55]  – Why thought is like gravity and what this means for you – and whether or not you’re successful and get what you want in life
  • [09:34] – Why manifesting has nothing to do with religion or faith… and the big myth that makes people think something is spiritual about manifesting
  • [13:38] – How a simple guy who liked foodball and barbeque learned the simplest way to manifest anything in your life… no meditation, no prayer and no “frou-frou” ceremonies involved.
  • [16:43] – How you create your “movie” and how it impacts your life… seriously! (And why you don’t even have to be good at concentrating)
  • [19:45] – Why you should NOT be overly specific with your goals and thoughts (you’ve never heard this before!)
  • [22:40] – Why concentrating more, working harder, and spending more time thinking about your future doesn’t matter!  A little EVERY day is optimal.
  • [26:14] – Why your Attitude can be the single most important “influencer” in your life and how quickly you reach your goals (And how to overcome fear and anxiety that can prevent forward motion!)
  • [31:56] – The importance of taking action in a way that relieves anxiety!
  • [35:17] – The key way to speed up your results without working harder
  • [39:00] – Why you may lose friends, jobs and other things when you’re moving towards a more successful and abundant life! (And how to keep a positive mindset when things might seem worse)
  • [41:19] – The trick to shift your mindset from worry, fear and negativity… to positive, abundant and empowering
  • [45:21] – Why we have limiting thoughts that impose a “glass ceiling” on our lives… and how to shatter them!
  • [47:49] – What you can do TODAY to start changing your life
  • [50:20] – How to find Ken, his book and other great interviews and goodies… and Ken’s parting piece of advice for you!
  • [53:19] – Get off your butt and get into life so you can actually receive the best things in life and be successful!  (Nothing happens in life when you sit at home all day)

Awesome Resources!

1) The Goal Setting Guide: Learn how to set goals and actually accomplish them within 90 days!

2) The Novo Method Success Pack: Create rapid success by learning how to overcome your mental blocks… then build your best body using my proven nutrition, cardio, and weight training program.