028: Why “Covert Contracts” Are Destroying Your Life and Relationships… and The Simple Little Trick to Empower Yourself and Your Relationships with Robert Glover

Dr. Glover is an internationally recognized authority on the Nice Guy Syndrome. He is a frequent guest on radio talk shows and has been featured in numerous local and national publications. His work has helped thousands of Nice Guys & Girls transform from being passive, resentful victims to empowered, integrated people.

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Resources Mentioned:

3 Key Points:

  1. “Covert Contracts” are some of the most destructive habits we use in relationships…
  2. We all use “covert contracts” at some point in our life so we must learn how to identify them so we can overcome them!
  3. Honesty and boundaries are the best ways to overcome and even prevent “covert contracts”

Show Notes

**Click the time stamp to jump directly to that point in the episode.

  • [01:43] – What a “covert contract” is and how it literally destroys your relationships (and even your life)!
  • [03:45] – Why we ALL create “covert contracts” and most of the time don’t even know we have them
  • [07:36] – Why being a “nice guy” can actually be extremely narcissistic and how to tell if you are a real nice guy or a narcissist in disguise
  • [13:00] – How a “covert contract” manifests itself (This is how you can tell if you have one and how it can impact you and your relationships)
  • [15:42] – How to overcome or “fix” your “covert contracts”
  • [23:28] – Why self-care can eliminate “covert contracts” and how to unselfishly take care of yourself
  • [27:30] – Why it’s absolutely critical to set boundaries… and how to set them in a way that won’t offend others and will empower you AND the relationship – whether it’s a friendship, family or significant other (and why boundaries actually help people get CLOSER to you)!
  • [31:40] – A simple little trick to set down a boundary without risking any hurt feelings or confrontation… and how to determine if someone is or is not healthy to keep in your life!
  • [36:45] – Why it’s never too late to start setting boundaries or empowering your relationships and why “rejection” is actually something you should be trying to get to fast in any new relationship. (Hint… you should never try to “hold a relationship together”)
  • [42:37] – How to change your “covert contracts” to “OVERT contracts” and why this is a healthy shift to practice in any relationship
  • [46:24] – Robert shares his exciting new book – a dating book for men – called Dating Essentials for Men… check it out at www.datingessentialsformen.com
  • [48:08] – How you can get in touch with Robert 

Awesome Resources!

1) The Goal Setting Guide: Learn how to set goals and actually accomplish them within 90 days!

2) The Novo Method Success Pack: Create rapid success by learning how to overcome your mental blocks… then build your best body using my proven nutrition, cardio, and weight training program.

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