030: Ryan Levesque – The Critical Step to Make $100K Online That Most Entrepreneurs Miss Completely (And Why They Fail)!

Ryan Levesque is the Inc. 500 CEO of The ASK Method ® Company, and the #1 national best-selling author of Ask, which was named by Inc. as the #1 Marketing Book of the Year. His work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Forbes, and Entrepreneur and over 250,000 entrepreneurs subscribe to his email newsletter offering business advice. He is also a co-founder and investor in bucket.io®, a leading marketing funnel software for entrepreneurs.

His latest book Choose, helps readers avoid making the single biggest mistake when starting a business and guides people through answering the all important question: What type of business should you start?.

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Resources Mentioned:

3 Key Points:

  1. Without identifying the right market, any and all of your efforts to build your business will be wasted!
  2. There are 5 simple criteria for a “hot market” you should pursue
  3. Before you invest any money into a business, you need to find your “target audience” and ask them a few specific questions that will tell you if you should continue pursuing the business idea!

Show Notes

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  • [01:39] – How to start making 6-figures online! (You’ll be surprised how Ryan answers)
  • [04:37] – The steps Ryan took to go from dead broke to making $12,000 per month… and how you can do it too. (Ryan explains how he had no prior knowledge or “edge” to create his results)
  • [07:06] – How Ryan was able to overcome his paralyzing fear… and the steps you (or anyone) can take to get over any level of fear or anxiety!
  • [12:18] – Why you shouldn’t worry about making something perfect… you just need to get going
  • [14:41] – Why you need to market to an “Evergreen Market” so that you don’t accidently get the rug pulled out from under you
  • [16:42] – The pivotal decisions Ryan made to build his business to $25,000 per month! (And why it’s counterintuitive)
  • [19:16] – How to find legitimate customers online instead of only attracting people that only want free information but aren’t serious buyers.
  • [21:06] – Why you shouldn’t even think about building your website until you “ask” your audience the right questions! (And how to find these people)
  • [24:13] – Why a subtle fear is preventing you from going to the next level and what to do to overcome it!
  • [28:20] – The critical steps you can take to make serious progress and start exponentially building your business… using “micro-commitments”
  • [32:14] – The simple 3-step process to create and grow a 6-figure business (it’s so simple and it’s a proven formula!)
  • [35:31] – The difference between a 6-figure and 7-figure business… and the key mindset differences it takes to get to that level
  • [39:56] – Ryan’s special Free book offer you can grab WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! (www.choosethebook.com/quest)   

Awesome Resources!

1) The Goal Setting Guide: Learn how to set goals and actually accomplish them within 90 days!

2) The Novo Method Success Pack: Create rapid success by learning how to overcome your mental blocks… then build your best body using my proven nutrition, cardio, and weight training program.