014: Secret DIY Anti-Aging Yogurt Recipe from Dr. William Davis Of Wheat Belly and Undoctored

Since 2004, Dr. Davis  served as Medical Director of the heart disease prevention and reversal program, Track Your Plaque.  In an effort to assist people and his patients reduce their blood sugar (high in over 80% of people nowadays) Dr. Davis had them eliminate wheat, including whole grain products, based on the simple fact that wheat products increase blood sugar more than nearly all other foods. The unexpected result: Incredible weight loss; relief from acid reflux and the gas, cramping, and diarrhea of irritable bowel syndrome; increased energy, more stable moods, and deeper sleep; relief from arthritis, including rheumatoid arthritis; dramatically improved cholesterol values; reduced blood pressure and inflammatory measures, and on and on. It became clear that this was no coincidence. This was real. And it was all due to eliminating this thing being sold to us called wheat.  As a result, Wheat Belly was born

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3 Key Points:

  1. We’re missing a strain of bacteria that, when we put it back into our body, has miraculous results!
  2. SIBO is a huge epidemic that most people don’t know they have, which you need to fix before doing anything recommended on this show
  3. Think twice before going to your doctor for lifestyle issues like IBS, eczema, restless leg syndrome, fatigue, fibromyalgia, etc…

Show Notes

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  • [02:00] – Dr. Davis explains the secrets behind his “magic yogurt”
    • “Strain Specificity” is crucial… no the species of bacteria
    • This is why many commercial pre and probiotics are useless
  • [03:20] – The Radical effects of the anti aging yogurt
    • Dr. Davis observed amazing research experiments in mice
    • The L. reuterigives you 100 fold results than collagen boosters
  • [05:12] – Dr. Davis explains how he makes the yogurt and how you can make the yogurt
    • You can find this recipe in the Undoctored Blog
    • All you need to do is consume ½ cup per day of this yogurt
  • [07:54] – Gerhard Reuter discovered this bacteria
    • In the mid-twentieth century, we started losing this bacteria
    • Only 1 in 10 people have this strain in their stomach
    • This bacteria releases Oxytocin
  • [11:54] – Men see increased muscle and fat loss
    • There’s also increased hair growth, faster healing
  • [12:45] – There’s an uncertainty about the effects on women who are younger than 45 on their menstrual cycles
    • Women report that this yogurt actually HELPS with their emotions and cramps
  • [14:02] – If you’re younger than 45, make the yogurt with less bacteria since you don’t need as much
    • You do this by starting with regular cultured yogurt in addition to the other ingredients
    • Fermenting with other organisms prevents to “super high” count of the L. reuteri
  • [15:40] – This yogurt is a unique probiotics because it colonizes in the upper GI tract and produces natural antibiotics
    • This helps fight SIBO!
  • [17:18] – How this yogurt impacts people EMOTINOALLY
    • The increase in Oxytocin helps people feel more empathy and connected
  • [18:33] – Psychologists actually administer Oxytocin nasal sprays in marriage counseling, kids with autism and schizophrenia, and use Oxytocin to help with empathy
  • [19:35] – How YOU can get access to the ingredient for the yogurt
    • Visit the Undoctored blog post to make the yogurt [click here]
  • [23:24] – SUBSCRIBE to get updates from Stu and Dr. Davis about the results of the yogurt and any recipe modifications!
  • [24:20] – Dr. Davis offers his parting piece of advice on how to use this yogurt and how to get in touch with him.
    • Dr. Davis shares how a 65 year old woman with skin blemishes annihilated her skin issues and now looks 35 as a result of this yogurt

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