015: 12-Year Old Entrepreneur Reveals his Secrets to Success with Marc Guberti

Marc started his first blog as an 11-year-old. The Red Sox focused blog allowed him to interact with other Red Sox in New York. As a result, Marc fell in love with the marketing and content creation associated with running a successful content brand.

Before Marc grew his audience to almost 500,000 people, he was criticized for being too young and not knowing enough about his niche. Not only was Marc able to rise above the criticism, but he was able to thrive. Marc has several books and shows no signs of stopping any time soon (or ever).

Marc’s mission is to boost his legacy to provide a further testament to teenagers all over the world that they can be successful at a young age. There’s no longer a reason to wait when anyone, including a teenager, can create their own thriving business.

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Resources Mentioned:

3 Key Points:

  1. Be a constant learner and always find new information and education
  2. Take action and learn on the way.  Be willing to fail because producing material only makes you better and leads to mastery
  3. Start a podcast now…

Show Notes

**Click the time stamp to jump directly to that point in the episode.

  • [02:02] – Marc talks about how he got started and how he was able to become so successful so fast
    • Marc started with a  simple blog… that’s all it takes
    • Over time, Marc learned and grew a following and business
  • [04:40] – Marc’s mom was instrumental in motivating him and helping him become an entrepreneur
    • Having a strong base is important
    • You can use Facebook groups, blogs, books, and podcasts if you don’t think you have a strong base or support group
  • [06:52] – Marc’s growing his Instagram account right now so you can see him in action!
    • Marc has 500,000 followers and you can see how he grows his next social media platform
  • [07:40] – Marc shares the major challenges he faced when he was 12 years old and growing his business
    • Marc had to get used to the negative “trolls” online
  • [09:27] – Marc explains how he overcomes sticking points and walls
    • Marc tried and failed SEVERAL times to start a podcast
    • He got the technical knowledge he needed to succeed
    • He learned how to get his foot in the door to get started
    • POWER TIP – see if you can make sure your first podcast guest is a podcaster so they can give you tips too
  • [12::30] – Marc explains the most pivotal decisions he’s made in order to accelerate his success so fast
    • How to grow your social media presence
      • Pick one platform and focus on that first
    • How to write books and online courses
      • Do a collaboration if you feel intimidated
    • How to get started when you’re a “nobody”
      • Find a few people to connect with and succeed with, then leverage that success
  • [14:55] – Marc TANGIBLE ACTION STEPS to grow social media
    • How to find out what content your AUDIENCE wants so you can get them lining up for your content
    • How to Engage with people that engage with you and build a deep connection
    • Marc shares how to re-purpose content and collaborate with others to leverage your time and reach!
  • [20:07] – Marc reveals how he was able to writ over 20 books at such a young age!
    • He started when he was 15…
    • Marc explains why you HAVE to get comfortable producing and releasing materials, even though you haven’t mastered everything yet
  •  [22:08] – You need to be willing to fail and focus on the process
    • People aren’t instant successes
    • They spend years behind the scenes that you and I never see
  • [23:30] – Marc explains how you can collaborate or co-author a book if you don’t feel that you can do one on your own yet…
  • [26:08] – Marc shares his secrets of being a successful entrepreneur and how to develop the right mindset
    • You really learn by taking action… even when you’re not sure how to get your end result
    • Keep learning as much as you can
    • Build relationships all the time… constantly
  • [29:00] – Marc covers the surprising advice he’s learned being a successful entrepreneur
    • Interview people… you can get your foot in the door, build your network and create valuable content through an interview
  • [32:14] – I barrage Marc with tons of questions
    • What would you do different if you had to do things over again?
    • What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
    • What is a personal habit that contributes to your success?
    • The Internet resources Marc recommends
    • Jeff Bolis is an incredible resource for building social media
    • Marc shares the one book he always goes back to
      • The Compound Effect
      • The Slight Edge
  • [35:28] – Marc shares his FREE summit so you can learn how to master content marketing
  • [36:51] – Marc shares his parting wisdom and how you can connect with him  

Awesome Resources!

1) The Goal Setting Guide: Learn how to set goals and actually accomplish them within 90 days!

2) The Novo Method Success Pack: Create rapid success by learning how to overcome your mental blocks… then build your best body using my proven nutrition, cardio, and weight training program.