261: How Not Eating Enough Prevents Weight Loss

Did you know that Not Eating Enough Prevents Weight Loss? It’s true. Most people Under-eat and then their body won’t lose weight. Here’s why:
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3 Key Strategies You’ll Discover:

  1. The hormone effects that not eating enough has on your body!
  2. What “muscle wastage” is and why it’s vital for weight loss!
  3. Why you looks “soft and flabby” when you lose weight… and how to look “tight and toned” instead!

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2 thoughts on “261: How Not Eating Enough Prevents Weight Loss”

  1. I have been following Stu for sometime now and find him very credible and the information so right on. I am recovering from knee replacement surgery and then broke my toe. So I have been unable to do aerobic ex for almost 6 months as well as not any until my toe heels another month. I have gained 12 pounds this year due to my condition and very frustrated. The more I watch what I eat the more I gain. I am 78 yo so is there any guidance on nutrition and exercise to prevent more weight gain until I am fully recovered?

    1. Great question… this would require that you still eat enough to stimulate your metabolism… But the combinations, timing, and types of foods would become even more important so that your body doesn’t store fat.

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