247: The 4 Missing Keys For Weight Loss”

Are you missing one of these 4 keys for weight loss? Most people are – which is why you may be struggling to lose weight and keep it off
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Resources Mentioned:

3 Key Strategies You’ll Discover:

  1. Why calories don’t matter for weight loss! (And can actually cause you to GAIN weight if you try to get into a calorie deficit!)
  2. The most important piece of weight loss that you have probably never heard before! (Hint – it has nothing to do with food or exercise.)
  3. How too much cardio will prevent you from burning fat – and the type of cardio you should NEVER do to lose weight.

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2 thoughts on “247: The 4 Missing Keys For Weight Loss””

  1. Thanks for these highlights. But then what are the right food combinations and when is the right time? Any kind of guidelines would actually be helpful. Thanks in advance.

    1. Good question Stephanie…

      It depends on the following factors:

      * Your starting weight
      * Your Lean body mass
      * Your body fat percentage
      * Your goals (and if it’s weight loss – how much you want to lose)
      * If you have insulin resistance
      * If you have diabetes
      * If you have any gut issues
      * If you have a thyroid issue
      * If you have any auto-immune diseases
      * If you have any food sensitivities or intolerances

      Once we have that established… we would still have to see how your body responds – and then tweak things from there.

      Any good coach HAS TO see how your body reacts to certain things… and then change them based on those reactions.

      If a coach tells you that all you need to do is some certain cookie-cutter protocol… they are a bad coach. (Or they’re lying.)

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