045: Scott Stevenson Phd Explains How To Stay In The Best Shape Of Your Life And Look Like A Fitness Model – Even Past Your 40s

Dr. Scott W. Stevenson, PhD, LAc is an applied exercise physiologist (PhD from University of Georgia, ACSM and NSCA-certified), licensed acupuncturist (State of Florida) and competitive bodybuilder (four overall titles, including the 2009 NPC Mr. Arizona, and four top 5 national level showings). Scott has over thirty years in the gym and two decades of experience personal training and coaching online..

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Resources Mentioned:

3 Key Points:

  1. “Tinkering” in life can actually produce one of the most successful mindsets and prevent burnout.
  2. Getting started in health and fitness can be very easy if you get out of your own way
  3. The best way to create longevity with any pursuit in life is to do something you love (or find something you love in whatever you’re doing)

Show Notes

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  • [01:02] – How Scott looks like he’s 28 even though he’s 48 years old!  (Wait when you hear Scott’s answer!)
  • [02:31] – The way to get started in fitness… and more importantly – how to stick with fitness without getting burned out.  (This one little secret will create unstoppable success with your fitness and health!)
  • [06:34] – Why “tinkering” in life can be one of the most powerful mindsets to succeed and create the life of your dreams.  (When you hear about this – and the study associated with it – you will be shocked at how simple things can be.)
  • [10:50] – The critical first step for starting anything AND succeeding in it.  (Most people miss this step and it causes them to fail or burn out… and this is also a key secret for parents wanting to guide their kids.)
  • [15:29] – The practical tool you can instantly use to jump-start your motivation and keep it sky high in spite of adversity!
  • [19:24] – The three pivotal decisions that allowed Scott to be successful… and that most people will encounter in their own lives!  (These decisions are extremely insightful and you need to hear them because they fly in the face of what you’re “supposed” to do!)
  • [27:00] – The critical “non-cliché” tools you can apply right now to ensure lasting success in your life!  (These do take courage… but you already have the courage inside of you)
  • [28:49] – The key things Scott would do differently if he could go back in time.
  • [29:22] – The best advice Scott ever received
  • [29:37] – The personal habit that contributes to Scott’s success
  • [29:58] – The internet resource you can use right now to “take inventory” of your life
  • [32:36] – The one book Scott recommends you read  
  • [33:39] – How to find Scott online and get in touch

Awesome Resources!

1) The Goal Setting Guide: Learn how to set goals and actually accomplish them within 90 days!

2) The Novo Method Success Pack: Create rapid success by learning how to overcome your mental blocks… then build your best body using my proven nutrition, cardio, and weight training program.