how to burn of body fat – even while you sleep!

What if I told you there was a way to burn off body fat hour-by-hour – even while you sleep?!

And what if I told you this didn’t require any pills, drugs, dieting, or hardcore workouts?

In fact, all it required was eating MORE… and exercising LESS!

Well, strap in.  Because I’m about to reveal how this is possible… and how you can do it – no matter who you are, how old you are, or how much you weigh!

The truth is, 9 out of 10 people fail when they try to lose weight (or can’t maintain their results).

And there’s a really good reason for this:

They’re putting their body into a catabolic state – which causes the body to store fat and burn muscle!

Now, the reason so many people are mistakenly putting their body into this destructive, fat-producing state is because they’re dieting, restricting calories, and working out too much…

Wait.  What?

How can you get fatter when you workout more??

I’m going to get to this in just a minute.  But first, I need to explain the big myth that causes more people to get fat than anything else.

This is the myth of calories.

You see, a long time ago, a guy did some study where he attempted to measure the energy output of a pound of fat.

He found out it was 3,500 calories.

So… someone twisted this study around, and started suggesting that you need to be in a calorie deficit of 3,500 calories for every pound of fat loss.

And this is the biggest lie ever told in the weight loss industry!

Yet, almost everything we do is predicated on this lie.

As a result, most people restrict calories to lose weight.  And they completely destroy their body.

Here’s what happens when you restrict calories:

  1. You slow down your body
  2. You trigger your body’s “hibernation” mechanism
  3. You cause your body to store fat
  4. You cause your body to burn muscle
  5. You feel tired
  6. You send your blood sugar spiraling out of control
  7. You mess up your hormones
  8. You end up looing soft and flabby

Maybe you’ve experienced some of these “symptoms” after restricting calories and dieting.

What’s worse is that, the most popular diets today (Keto, Paleo, Fasting, Carnivore) all cause these terrible outcomes too!

So now, the harder to try to lose weight, the more weight (and body fat) you end up putting on!

This explains why – despite knowing more than ever before – the world is getting fatter than ever before!

So why do you get fatter if you work out more?

Well, here’s the deal:  every time you work out, you stress your body.  And the body doesn’t like stress.  So if you work out too much, you’ll actually throw your body into a state of “stress fatigue” and it will shut down!

And once your body shuts down, it will be almost impossible to lose weight or get toned.  It’s as simple as that.

So… what is the secret?

How do you burn fat – even while you sleep?

The answer will surprise you.

You must eat MORE and exercise LESS.

Now listen, do you see how counterintuitive that is?

It probably caused you to have a reaction – just by reading it.

And the truth is, most people refuse to believe it.  And so they stay fat.

On the other hand… if you will just open your mind for a moment… you’ll discover the formula to launch your body into a fat-burning mode.  So you lose weight almost effortlessly and have total control of your weight.

First of all, when you eat more, you signal your body to burn more.  Think of it like throwing logs on a fire…

Each time you throw a log on the fire (eat), the fire burns bigger (your body burns more).

And, as long as the fuel is good (the right wood/right food), you fire will burn hot and wild… and you’ll burn fat.

When it comes to exercise, you only want to do enough to stimulate your body – not annihilate it.

Simply put, you NEVER want to do more than 60 minutes of exercise at a time.  This will over-stress your body and shut it down faster than you would imagine.

So now imagine this:

You work out less than 30 minutes a day & eat more to lose weight!

I know.  I know.  It sounds crazy.

And I didn’t believe it at first either.

But I’ve had 20 years of experience as a fitness and weight-loss coach to prove this.  And to see it in action over and over again!

It works every time.

You throw your body into a thermogenic state. You start burning fat automatically (even when you sleep).  And you start losing weight fast.

And the best part is… the weight you lose is body fat.

So you never hurt your body or slow it down!  And that means you keep the weight off forever.


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