The Secret to Maintain Your Weight Loss Forever…

So most people can’t maintain their weight loss.

They can try really hard… and focus for several weeks (or even months)… and get some results…

But then they end up gaining the weight back.

Well… I’m about to explain why this happens and what to do about it…

The truth is… we have something in our body that acts like a thermostat.

It’s whole purpose is to keep us safe and comfortable.  But it backfires on us whenever we try to make changes in our life.

It could be weight loss, financial changes, relationship changes, etc…

And every time we get results… this little thermostat screams: “Warning!  Warning!  This isn’t right!  We need to get back to where we were!

The thermostat I’m talking about is your Self-Image

It exists in your subconscious mind.  So you can’t see it.

But you can feel it.

Have you ever experiences positive changes in your life, and for some reason you felt nervous?  This is why.

Anyway, this is the reason most people can’t keep their weight off.

They do “all the right things” to lose weight.

But the NEVER change their mindset – their self image.

And so… as soon as they stop focusing… they unconsciously get pulled back to where they were!

I remember one client in particular.  We had worked together for about 6 months.  She lost over 37 pounds!

And we both assumed she knew what to do and would maintain her results.

But for some reason

in less than 3 months, she ended up gaining all her weight back!

She had come back to work with me.  And I asked her what had happened.

Her answer SHOCKED me!

She told me it wasn’t anything big.

At first, it started small… a dessert her and there.  An extra glass of wine here and there.  Eating out here and there.

And before she knew it… all the weight came back on.

And this is exactly how it happens.  It’s small – normally unnoticeable.

… untill it’s too late.

So here’s what to do about it

Step 1: You must create an image of what you want.  You can imagine it, or cut out a picture of the body you want and paste your head on the body.

Step 2:  You must focus and visualize this as often as possible.  More often is better.  But the minimum time is 90 seconds in the morning, and 90 seconds at night – before you go to bed.

Step 3:  You must BELIEVE you will achieve it and feel as good as if it were already true.

If you do these three steps every day – for a minimum of 30 days.  You will re-program your subconscious.

And then you will AUTOMATICALLY start doing the right things to keep your weight-loss results!

It’s simple – extremely simple.  But most people either won’t do it.  Or if they do… they won’t believe it.

This is only one part of the mindset piece.   There are 4 more parts.

Remember, there are four pieces to any good weight loss program: Mindset, Nutrition, Weight-Training, and Cardio.

The mindset piece is the most important.  And hopefully… you can see how it begins to work with the other 3 pieces.

Anyway… I hope this helps.

If you’re serious about making changes… make sure you set up a free strategy call with me here.

We can go over the blueprint for you to succeed once and for all this time!

Best Regards,
Stu Schaefer