229: How To Read A Food Label To Lose Weight

Food manufacturers are misleading and manipulating you – and if you want to lose weight, you need to know how to read a food label correctly…
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3 Key Strategies You’ll Discover:

  1. How to tell if something is high-fat, moderate-fat, or low-fat. (And which is best for weight loss!)
  2. The truth about “Total Carbs” and “Net Carbs” and how to tell if something has the right type of carbs! (There are 12 different types of carbs!_
  3. The different ways food manufacturers are deceiving you – and how to cut through the lies on the label!
This 93% lean ground beef is actually 41% fat – Listen to the podcast and use the equation I give you
This RX bar is full of sugar and is 38% fat. This bar will NOT help you lose weight.

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