152 – How Ashley Lost 37 Pounds In 12 Weeks

Ashley was 50 pounds overweight and tried to lose weight for over 6 years. She did Keto, Paleo, Atkins, Fasting, Calorie Counting, and even eating grapefruits… but nothing worked until she put her body into the thermogenic state. She lost 37 pounds in just 12 weeks! Find out how.
Case Study: How Meghan Lost Weight Eating Mouth Watering Foods All Day Long
Case Study: How This 50-year-old Lost 40 lbs and Lowered Her Cholesterol 30 Points
Case Study: How This Diabetic Lost 23 Pounds in 12 Weeks By Ignoring Her Doctors
Case Study: Woman With Hashimoto’s Loses 12 lbs By Cutting Out Broccoli

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3 Key Strategies You’ll Discover:

  1. How to eat in order to activate your body’s fat-burning mechanism
  2. Why you’re never too old to create the body of your dreams
  3. The secret to burning fat while eating mouth-watering foods all day long

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