Does this sound like you?

The truth is,  all these symptoms are caused my an underlying problem.

It’s called…

Repressed Metabolic Syndrome

And it occurs as a result of dieting and restricting both food and calories.

Here’s what happens:

When you diet, you actually slow your body down.  And many times, you’ll even end up losing muscle (without even knowing it.)

And every time this happens, you repress your metabolism.

As a result, it becomes harder and harder to lose weight.

You see, your body becomes slow and resistant.  And then it seems like it’s impossible to lose weight – unless you starve yourself.  This is Repressed Metabolic Syndrome™

But this only makes things worse.

The truth is, there’s only one way to lose weight (and keep it off). 

You must put your body into a Thermogenic State.

And you do this by eating MORE and exercising LESS.  (I know it sounds opposite of what you should do, but over the last 20 years I’ve tested this and it works every single time!)

In fact, there are 4 components to put your body into the Thermogenic State so you lose weight quickly – and permanently.

1. Mindset

If you don’t have the right mindset, you either won’t get the results… or you won’t be able to keep them.

But mindset is more than just motivation…

It’s having the ability to overcome challenges.  Being willing to try new things.  Having a winning mentality where you take responsibility and act courageously.

And being able to create a new lifestyle so you can inspire yourself and others!

2. The Food Quadrant™

99.99% of diets and programs focus on calories.

“Calories in, calories out.”  Is what most people say.  And they’re wrong.

In fact, the “calorie model” dates back to the 1960s – before we knew how the body actually worked.  And it’s the worst way to lose weight.

You see, restricting calories is what wrecks your body.  It causes your body to slow down and PREVENTS you from losing body fat.

Instead, you must utilize the Food Quadrant™

The food quadrant shows you:

1. What to eat

2. How much to eat

3. When to eat certain foods (and when not to)

4. How to combine the right foods at each meal

Once you understand these 4 pieces… you can eat a lot MORE food and literally FORCE your body to burn off body-fat.

3. Weight Training

Most people focus on cardio when they want to lose weight.  But his is backwards.

And what ends up happening… You lose muscle and look soft and flabby.

However, when you work out with weights… you thrust your body into the thermogenic state.  And you tone your muscles.

Then, you lose weight (and body fat) so you look toned and firm!

Plus (when you weight train correctly) you get a dual workout.  You get both the weight training workout and cardio workout in one.

For these reasons, the weight training component is actually MORE IMPORTANT than the cardio piece.

4. Cardio

Although the least important of the 4 components… cardio is the “accelerator.”

It speeds up the fat-loss process and creates exponentially better results.

Think of cardio as gasoline that you can throw on a fire to get a “burst” of energy.

But here’s the problem most people have with cardio: They do it too intense and too much!

And that will actually cause your body to STORE FAT!

Instead, you must do the right amount of cardio, at the right heart rate, for your body.  And then you will shift your body into the Thermogenic (fat-burning) State.

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How I Went From Criminal In Jail To The Life-Change Specialist

Hi.  I’m Stu… and I’m here to help you create the life of your dreams!

Here’s what it’s all about…

I started out in a dark place.  I had just turned 13 and I got arrested for breaking and entering.  I went to jail and I thought my life was over.  Everyone who I thought was my friend abandoned me and I went into a tail-spin.  I hated myself and I hated my body.  As a result, I became anorexic.

Picture this: Every night, you go to bed and you dread tomorrow because everyone thinks you’re a criminal.  And… your family has lost their trust in you. 

You have nothing and no one to turn to for help…

This was my life.

Don’t get me wrong… I’m not telling you this so you’ll feel sorry for me… there’s no need for that anyway.  My story has a very happy ending.

My story has a happy ending because out of this disaster I found an amazing way to create a dream life I never knew existed.

Here’s how it happened: One night I was lying in bed crying and asking God, “Why did this happen to me?”

I got no answer… but…

What I did get was an explosion of
sheer determination that filled my heart! 

You see, I refused to let the world define me as a criminal.  I knew I wasn’t a criminal and I decided to prove this to everyone else!

So I became a hard worker – maybe one of the hardest workers you will ever meet.  And something miraculous happened:

  • I overcame my eating disorder and created an amazing physique! (I learned how to be healthy and how to view my body in a healthy way.)

  • I went from a C student to Valedictorian! (And it wasn’t because I was smart.  It was because I learned the “system” for getting things done – which also allows me to create success in my professional life!)

  • I earned a full-ride college scholarship to the Leeds School of Business at CU Boulder!

  • I published my first book when I was only 22 years old! (And along the way of writing my book I discovered some of the most effective secrets for both physical and mental transformations.  In fact, not one in a thousand people even know about these principals but they are true “game changers” if you want success in your life.)

That’s not all.  During my journey I also discovered the keys to create an amazing body and overcome the emotional blocks that keep us from succeeding.

How would you like to have a body you actually like to see in the mirror? 

How about making enough money doing what you love so you never worry about your next paycheck? 

Or what about having a relationship full of passion and bliss?

This is all possible and it’s easier than you think!

How do I know?  The answer is simple: I’m living all of these things… and… If I can do it so can you!  You see, I’m not a genius or a gifted athlete.  And I don’t come from wealth.  Remember, I had to dig myself out of a huge hole and build everything from scratch.  And it was tough…

But you know what?  Along the way I discovered the keys and secrets to creating a dream life so it doesn’t have to be hard and it doesn’t have to take a lifetime. 

And now I help folks just like you create an amazing body and life.  I guess you can say I’ve become the “Life-Change Specialist”.

So here’s what to do now: 

First, be sure to join in on my newsletter so you get all of the success articles and secrets I write about.

Then, check out the rest of my site and get plugged in to some of the resources I’ve made for you.  They will give you the most effective secrets for changing your life and creating massive success!

Here’s to your victory!

Stu Schaefer

Stu is his own success story. He walks the talk and has achieved what most people would call ‘impossible.’

After a life-changing moment (and a trip to jail) at the age of 13, Stu was forced to look inside and decide why he was put on this planet and what path he was going to take. He went on to achieve numerous academic awards, including Valedictorian, and learned how much he inspired others around him…

He then earned the Evans Scholarship to the Leeds School of Business at CU Boulder where he also became a certified personal trainer and wellness coach…

Upon graduating, Stu wrote the best-selling book, Lifetime Physique. He utilized his own experience and success to help thousands of people look within themselves to uncover their greatness and achieve new levels of success…

In 2007, Stu founded Lifelong Physique – a company dedicated to helping others achieve health and abundance. In 2012 Stu was voted Best of the Best in Colorado, and decided to blend health & wellness with leadership and personal growth…

Stu is a dynamic, effective speaker and life coach. He draws upon his natural ability to connect with and inspire others around him. His passion is helping others uncover their belief systems that prevent them from achieving their dreams…

He has an innate ability to connect with others and deliver his message in a simple, easy-to-understand format. His riveting style allows his audience to come away with a deep motivation to take action and carry the torch to become extraordinary…

Stu has consulted with companies in order to get their teams in place, increase productivity, and help create a company environment that breeds success…

Leadership training is a key element in creating a successful company, and Stu helps uncover limiting belief systems and hurdles, so that organizations can quickly overcome any obstacles to a new level of success…

Stu is an intuitive, vulnerable, honest, trusting man who is committed to helping others step into their greatness. As a Fitness Consultant and a Personal Success Coach, for the past 12 years, he has helped hundreds of people change their lives…

Stu’s dream is for everyone in this world to achieve their potential with everybody winning. In a world where the predominant attitude is dog-eat-dog, there’s a need for leaders to step up and show others that success can be gained without hurting others…

In Lifetime Physique, which changed the way thousands of people approach success and wellness, Stu shares his own success story, and how simple principles in life can literally help create success and abundance…

Now, Stu has published The Novo Method: A new scientific approach to create instant and permanent changes that allows you to seize control over your thoughts–feelings–and outcomes…

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