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The simple program steph used to lose 39 pounds in 12 weeks...

(while increasing her fertility so she could have a baby)…

Steph had a big problem…

She couldn’t get pregnant… 

And the doctor told her she needed to lose 30 pounds – safely.

That was the only way she would be able to have a baby.

Steph had lost weight before. But the only way she knew how was by starving herself –restricting calories and lots of exercise.

But this wasn’t going to work. Because the “calorie method” would have made Steph’s fertility even worse!

She didn’t know how to lose weight safely. So that it would actually INCREASE her fertility.

When we talked about this, I knew exactly what Steph needed...

A few years earlier, I had worked with a client named Ashley. And she couldn’t lose weight – no matter what she did.

She tried every diet known to man.

And when I tried to help Ashley, even I couldn’t get her to lose weight. And we were both devastated.

But the event forced me to do 2 weeks of deep research. And I discovered a way to optimize anyone’s body so they could burn fat without wrecking their body.

I went on to use this method on ALL my clients. And it worked perfectly.

Every single one of my clients would lose 20-30 pounds (sometimes more) in 12 weeks

And their bodies would switch into a special “fat-burning mode” called The Thermogenic State.

This is important because – once your body is in The Thermogenic State – it burns fat all the time. And it IMPROVES your health.

I knew this would allow Steph to lose the weight and get pregnant. And Steph agreed.

Right off the bat, I told Steph she needed to eat MORE.

You see, Steph had been fasting. 

She was only eating 2 meals a day. 

And this was working against her own body. (Fasting is one of the worst ways to lose weight. Because it slows down your body… and makes it harder and harder to lose weight as time goes on.)

Second, I explained how to exercise correctly.

Steph was exercising too much. And – like most women – she thought more exercise would speed up the weight-loss process

But when you exercise too much, you actually over-stress your body and cause it to shut down. This can also throw your hormones out of whack (and can wreck your fertility).

Anyway, now Steph was exercising less than 30 minutes a day. And she was eating delicious foods all day long.

In just a couple of weeks, a few major changes occurred:

1. Steph’s cravings and hunger vanished. She felt full, satisfied, and happy that she got to eat all the foods she loved.

2. Steph’s energy went through the roof. She had as much energy as when she was in her early 20s. And that motivated her to exercise.

3. Steph started burning fat – fast!  In just a couple weeks, she’d already dropped 5 pounds and her body was burning fat!

Each week, we would check in. And each week, Steph would get so excited because her results kept coming.

At the end of 12 weeks, Steph had lost 39 pounds of fat!

And… she got pregnant!

The pregnancy was healthy, and Steph had a beautiful baby girl named Brooke.

Not long after, Steph was ready to have another child. So she called me up because everything had worked so well before.

We did the same thing. Only this time, Steph didn’t need to lose much weight.

You see, Steph had put her body into The Thermogenic State. She was eating mouth-watering foods all day long. And so she could easily maintain her results – even after her pregnancy.

This time it only took 8 weeks and Steph was pregnant again – with a baby boy.

Steph wasn’t unique. She didn’t have any special genetics. In fact, like a lot of people she struggled to lose weight most of her life.

And she even struggled to get pregnant.

The truth is, a few minor changes are all that’s required

The majority of people are struggling. They think they’re making some huge mistake. But most of the time, they’re making just a few small mistakes.

And they get so frustrated.

It seems like no matter what they do… they can’t lose weight. Even when they think they’re eating healthy… they still don’t get results.

But …

the only way to truly lose weight – and keep it off – without wrecking your body… is by putting your body in The Thermogenic State

In Steph’s case, this was the only way she could lose weight AND increase her fertility at the same time.

And anyone can do this… in just a matter of weeks.

Maybe you want to lose weight and keep it off once and for all
Maybe you want to lower your blood pressure or cholesterol
Maybe you want to lower your blood sugar 
Maybe you want to normalize your hormones
Maybe you want more energy
Maybe you just want to feel good in your own skin

It doesn’t matter.  This program will deliver these results for you.

So here’s what to do now:

If you’ve been trying to lose weight – whether it’s for health reasons, confidence and self-image, or even fertility…

Then you need to book a free strategy call with me.

We’ll go over where you are now… where you want to get… and the blueprint to get you there.

The call is totally free.

So why would I do this? There are two reasons:

1. I want to give back and help as many people as possible. I know what it’s like to feel uncomfortable in your own skin. And I know how hard it can be to figure this out.

2. I know a lot of people will want my help. If that’s you, great. If not, that’s fine too. There’s no pressure to do anything after the call.

So click the button below and set up a free strategy call with me…

If for some reason, you aren’t comfortable setting up a free phone call, then you should grab my home-study program.

This is the same program I used with Steph to help her lose weight quickly and safely so she could have a baby. (But don’t worry. You aren’t required to have a baby!)

You can get your program by clicking the button below:


Stu Schaefer

P.S. – If you want any kind of results, you’ve gotta take action – now. Stop standing on the sidelines, waiting for things to be “perfect”.

Look, once you put your body into the Thermogenic State, you’ll be able to burn off body-fat… AND maintain your results for the rest of your life! This is because your body will be burning fat like a furnace!

But you’ve gotta take action. You can’t wait and keep hoping something will work. You can’t keep doing what you’ve always done. Otherwise, you’ll keep getting the same results.

Take the action now…

Welcome To my blog

My name is Stu Schaefer. I am a 20-year award-winning celebrity weight-loss coach. I specialize in helping people put their body into The Thermogenic State so they burn fat constantly – and lose weight like they did in their 20s.

After getting arrested when I was 13 years old, I spiraled into a deep depression and became anorexic. For two years, I struggled with the eating disorder – until I stumbled upon a health program that pulled me out.

That was the day I decided to become a health coach. It was 20 years ago and, since then, I’ve helped over 10,000 people transform their body. I’ve won numerous awards including being voted the best health coach in Colorado.

I’ve published two books, and I’ve appeared on television, radio, and podcasts all across the country.

I use a unique method (The Thermogenic Method) that helps people optimize their health while losing weight.

You see, typical diets and exercise programs actually wreck a person’s body. And the average person ends up slowing down their metabolism and putting their body into a “catabolic” state where it burns muscle and stores fat. (This is what’s contributing to the high obesity rates.)

But there’s a way to eat and exercise that does the opposite: It enhances a person’s body… and causes their body to become “Thermogenic” so it burns fat constantly. Ironically, this occurs when a person eats MORE and exercises LESS.