The little-known way to protect yourself from the cold and flu this winter…

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Dear Friend,

I’m about to show you how you can prevent yourself from getting the cold or flu this winter and…

… you won’t have to take any drugs, medication, or anything that has any type of side effect.

And the strangest part is that hardly anyone knows about this.

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Ok.  So I work non-stop.  And I end up making myself sick.  So when I discovered this simple little remedy… it was a miracle for me.

And if you can’t afford to get sick and slow down… then this will be the most exciting article you read.

Here’s the story:

A couple months ago this guy contacted me to be on my podcast.

His name is Dr. Gordon Pedersen and he has a PhD in naturopathic medicine, anti-aging, toxicology, immunology and biology.

Needless to say, I was impressed.

So I did some digging to see what value this guy could bring to  my show… and I was amazed.

I stumbled onto a short video Dr. Pedersen had.  He was explaining how silver can block viruses from infecting your cells, kill bad bacteria in your body and destroy fungus.

In other words…

It kills all the bad stuff in your body!

But there’s a catch:  You have to use the right type of silver.

(For our full interview, you can visit the podcast episode page here)

It turns out there are different types of silver.  There is colloidal silver and alkalized nano-silver.

Colloidal silver is bigger.  And the body can’t absorb it so well.  It’s also acidic.  

This means you can only take it for limited amounts of time – usually after you get sick.

But alkalized silver is different. 

It’s completely safe.

And you know how Dr. Pedersen discovered this?  

He figured this out when he came up with a cure for malaria!

He was in Africa treating malaria with silver… but he was frustrated because he couldn’t give normal silver to the children who hadn’t yet contracted malaria.

And Dr. Pedersen wanted a way to prevent kids from getting malaria instead of being limited to treat it once you had it.

So he figured out how to alkalize the silver and create these nano-particles, which are much smaller and easily absorbed in the body.

As a result…

You can take this type of silver all the time without any side-effects

The only effect is that you’re impervious to (bad) germs!

This seemed too good to be true.  So I asked Dr. Pedersen a very specific question:

“why isn’t this silver in every drug store across America?”

Well, it seems that you can’t patent silver anymore.  (There was a patent, but it ran out in the 1940s)

So pharmaceutical and drug companies can’t monetize silver.  And they have no interest in it.

Plus, up until now you could only get colloidal silver, which was only to be used once you got sick.  (And it was still effective for getting rid of a sickness.)

But I still wasn’t convinced.

So I bought Dr. Pedersen’s silver and I started taking it.

The silver comes in the form of water.  And if you didn’t know it was silver, you would just think it was plain old water.

You’re supposed to take 2 teaspoons in the morning, and 2 teaspoons at night.

 So I did.  

And after the first week, I didn’t experience any noticeable differences.  

But after the 2nd week, it was incredible…

It wasn’t any kind of “burst of energy”, but I never ran out of energy.

I was working extra hard to finish some very important projects for my business.  I started working at 5:00 a.m. and I would work until 7:00 p.m.

And I started feeling run down.  It was the feeling I get when I make myself sick.

I figured I would get sick any day.

But I didn’t…

Instead, I would wake up each morning feeling 100% revitalized and rejuvenated.

My body was perfectly fine and I never got sick!

As I’m writing this, it’s been 6 weeks of grinding work, massive stress, and less sleep.

And I’ve never felt better!

And it gets even better:

In addition to the silver water, you can get a silver gel.

This gel will heal cuts, acne, bruises and other skin infections…  And you can use it to rejuvenate your skin and face!

Here’s how it works:  Apparently the silver activates your body’s stem cells to repair your skin.

You simply apply the gel after you wash your face with warm water.  The silver goes into your pores, cleans them out and repairs your skin!

So does it work?

I’ve noticed a huge difference.  I even given it to my female friends… and they’ve noticed a huge difference – in just a few days!

They even told me they used it on their kids’ acne and it cleared up in less than a week.

Where do you get this silver?

You can get it online at Dr. Pedersen’s website.  And you can also get it on Amazon.  There are several companies who make alkalized nano-silver.

I compared the products and Dr. Pedersen’s seems to be the best.  It’s 3x more powerful and the price is very competitive.

You can order it here

If you prefer, here is the page comparing ALL the silvers

Special Bonus: Download my current immune system vitamin routine

This year… I’m not worrying about getting the cold and flu and neither should you!

[UPDATE:  I recently got food poisoning… and the silver got rid of it in just a few hours… and severely minimized the symptoms!]


P.S. – There was another benefit from the silver: It fixed my gut.  If you read my last blog post… you know I’ve been struggling with my stomach.  I even did an elimination diet to try to fix it.

But the silver fixed it within a week.  Now I can eat anything and my stomach doesn’t get upset.  

You see, the silver got rid of the bad bacteria in my stomach!

You can get your silver here

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