Award-winning personal trainer: "Do this to activate your body's fat-burning system..."

posted March 10, 2020

(Dateline, Denver, CO) – Do you think you need to do hours of exercise at a gym to lose weight and get healthy?  Stu Schaefer doesn’t.  He’s an award-winning fitness coach who’s helped thousands of people lose weight and get healthy over the last 20 years, and he works out less than 90 minutes a week – in his living room!

“You’d be shocked at just how little you need to exercise to reap the health benefits,” says Schaefer.

“The problem is… most people work out too much!  And when you do this, it causes your body to hold on to weight.  It’s one of the body’s defense mechanisms for stress.”

It’s a fascinating story.  You see, Stu used to be anorexic.

“I weighed 100 pounds and I was 5’11”,” says Schaefer.  “There were some days I would eat an apple – and that was it!  So when I finally got healthy – and started helping people lose weight – I tried all the normal stuff.  You know: calorie restricting, fasting, cutting carbs, and increasing a person’s exercise.  But I found out these things don’t work – and actually, they prevent weight loss and are downright dangerous.”

You see, when you restrict calories too much, it sends your body into a “starvation mode.”  The body thinks it won’t have any food – so it shuts down.

As a result, you stop losing weight, and your body stores fat.

This explains why the calorie restricting diets and fasting actually prevent fat loss.  Instead, the weight you lose comes from losing muscle – which actually slows down your metabolism.  And once this happens, it becomes much easier to gain weight.

Additionally, when you exercise too much… you over-stress your body.  This causes your body to release Cortisol (a stress hormone that forces your body to store fat and burn muscle).  The results are devastating: the harder you work, the less weight you lose, and the more fat you store.

But there’s an easy solution:

“If you want to lose weight, you actually need to eat more and work out less,” explains Schaefer.  “I know this sounds backwards, but it’s true.  In fact, I’ve been doing this with my clients for more than 20 years and – on average – they lose 30 pounds in just 12 weeks.”

The secret is in how the body works.  You see, when you feed your body, it’s like throwing a log on a fire.  As long as it’s the right type of food, it ignites your body’s fat-burning system.  So, every time you eat, you cause your body to burn fat (if it’s the right food).

Because of this “ignition” effect, Stu refers to it as putting your body into a Thermogenic State.

In addition, the body only requires a specific amount of exercise.  Too much, and you’ll send your body into a “lockdown” state.  Too little, and you won’t stimulate your body’s fat-burning system.  But it’s much less exercise than you think.

“You really only need about 30 minutes a day,” says Schaefer.  “That’s all my clients do, and they lose 10 pounds every single month.  I’ve experimented with more exercise, but it didn’t speed up the results.  In fact, it often slowed them down.”

So if it’s so simple, why aren’t more people doing this?

“It’s sad,” explains Schaefer.  “The diet industry is perpetuating a huge lie – just to get people to buy their products.  And unfortunately, most people are convinced that you have to restrict foods and workout harder and longer.  So they never ‘make the shift.’

“But when you combine the right eating and exercises, you put your body into the Thermogenic State and burn fat like a furnace.”

So many people are getting results from Stu’s program, that he’s just released a “fat-loss blueprint” to the public.

The blueprint guides you through the same step-by-step process his clients go through to lose weight and get healthy so quickly.  In fact, you’re likely to lose 5 pounds in the first 2 weeks just by following the blueprint.

Currently, you can get the blueprint for free, but Schaefer explains that – once enough people review the blueprint – he will officially publish it and start charging for it.

You can only get the blueprint from Stu himself.  He doesn’t give out his blueprint to just anyone because he wants to make sure people don’t abuse it.

If you want to get a copy of Schaefer’s blueprint – while it’s still free – just click here and message Stu directly.  He will send you a private link where you can access the blueprint.

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about Stu Schaefer

Stu Schaefer has been actively personal training for the last 20 years… He’s worked with thousands of people during this time… and he noticed something strange:

Some people would lose weight fast and almost effortlessly… while others would lose the weight, but put it all back on as soon as they “cheated” one time…

And some would struggle to lose every pound.  And the reason for this was crazy…

Every person who lost weight effortlessly had one thing in common: they put their body into a thermogenic state.

So Stu did some research and figured out how to put anyone’s body into this “thermogenic state” so they can lose weight – almost automatically!

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