How this little book Saved my life…

Dear Friend,

I recently read a book that changed my life in a big way.  And I think you should know about this because you may be more unhealthy than you think and…

This book might profoundly change your life too.  Or save it…

Let me explain:

I’ve been struggling with “gut issues” for the last several months.

Actually, based on my interview with Dr. William Davis, I discovered I had something called SIBO.

And SIBO is a killer.  It’s been linked to IBS, restless leg syndrome, skin issues, insomnia and other “issues” that people often misdiagnose.

Anyway, I had SIBO and that caught me off-guard because I’m so healthy.

And the worse part is this:

It’s incredibly hard to get rid of SIBO.

So I was stuck.  I didn’t know what to do.  I was experiencing constant fatigue, bloating, gas and cramping.

And that’s when I found this amazing little book:

It’s called “Beat Auto Immune” by Palmer Kippola.

Here’s why this book saved my life:  Palmer outlines a step-by-step process to eliminate foods, revers any auto-immune disorders (like SIBO)… and then she explains how to add back foods to find your food sensitivities.

So I followed the program.

Within a month, I had more energy than I can remember having for years.

After two months, my stomach felt perfect.

And now, after 3 months, I’ve integrated my foods back in without any issues.  I don’t have any bloating or gas… or fatigue!

The best part is how simple the book is and how well Palmer explains the process.

She lays out the foods you need to avoid, the foods to eat, and how to tell if you have a food sensitivity or allergy.

Now, there is one other thing that I believe has healed my SIBO and my gut.  And that is combining Alkalized Silver with Palmer’s nutrition protocol.

I will talk more about this silver in a future post.  But pretty much… the silver kills bad bacteria so you can heal and get rid of the “bad stuff” in your body.

So if you’re struggling with gut issues or any type of auto-immune disease… then I highly recommend you get a copy of “Beat Autoimmune” by Palmer Kippola.

I believe it could change your life like it has changed mine.


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