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Emily - Age 49

Lost 21 pounds in 4 weeks

“I was a former beauty pageant winner… but I let myself go after I had my son.  It wasn’t until I met Stu that I allowed myself to succeed.

I finally gave myself permission to take care of myself and to look and feel beautiful.”

Gary - Age 54

Lost 39 pounds in 8 weeks

I had no problem staying active.  I am a contractor and I love riding my road bike…  But I was also eating just about anything I wanted.

Stu helped me make a few simple corrections to my nutrition… and I lost about 40 pounds in just 8 weeks.  (And I could still eat a lot of the foods I loved!)

Suzanne - Age 50

Lost 40 pounds in 12 weeks

“Before I began working with Stu, I had given up and slipped into my comfort zone. My weight was 156 lbs (after fasting). I couldn’t get under 150 without starving myself and this was unacceptable. I tried to diet but failed twice in three months.  I was always hungry and felt deprived.  Then, I found out my cholesterol was 287!  

In 8 weeks, my cholesterol dropped 30 points and I cut my triglycerides in half. I lost over 40 pounds and 8 inches off my waist.”

Emmie - Age 52

Lost 42 pounds in 16 weeks

“OMG!  I was a blob when I started.  I was so ashamed of my body and I had pretty much given up on myself. 

Stu game me the plan, the accountability, and the motivation to succeed.  I lost over 40 pounds and my confidence improved so much.  I even started ice skating again… which I couldn’t do for over 5 years.”

Justin - Age 34

Lost 25 pounds in 8 weeks

“I was already working out… and I thought I was in good shape until I saw my before picture.

Stu showed me how to make a few tweaks with my eating.  As well as how to work out more efficiently so I only spent 30 minutes in the gym.  And in 8 weeks I lost almost 20 pounds and got a six-pack.”

Lori - Age 53

Lost 32 pounds in 8 weeks

“I’m a wife, mom, and working professional.  So I never had time to work out or eat right.  At work, we’d just go out to eat and I would have what everyone else was having.  In the summers, I love to camp… and I thought it would be impossible to eat right while I was camping.  

But with Stu’s help, I learned how to eat and exercise with my busy schedule.  It actually was a lot easier than I thought, and I got incredible results in just a couple of months!”

Keith - Age 54

Lost 34 pounds in 12 weeks

“When I was introduced to Stu’s program, my wife and I both committed to the program not knowing how it would affect our choices about diet and exercise. 
After setting our goals, we started planning our meals and exercise programs around out busy schedules.  The first two weeks were difficult, but by the fourth week, inches were coming off, and we were fitting into sizes we never thought possible.”

Jamie - Age 37

Lost 21 pounds in 8 weeks

“Even though I was trying to eat healthy, and had been working out in kickboxing and other classes… I was still stuck.

Stu worked with me to customize a program and I lost over 30 pounds in just 8 weeks.  He also helped me with my emotions because – in the past – I would have trouble keeping the weight off.  But with Stu’s coaching, it’s been permanent!”

Bret - age 46

Lost 22 pounds in 12 weeks

“After drifting at rock-bottom for several years, I met Stu… and my whole life transformed.

Stu worked with me on my mental fitness as well as my physical fitness, and now I’m in the best shape of my life.  Not only did I lose 20 pounds of fat, but I also gained over 8 pounds of muscle at the same time!”

Rick - Age 54

Lost 37 pounds in 8 weeks

Chris - Age 56

Lost 19 pounds in 8 weeks

Greg - Age 47

Lost 34 pounds in 8 weeks

Age 41

Lost 37 pounds in 12 weeks

*This individual requested to keep their identity private

Tod - Age 48

Lost 26 pounds in 8 weeks

Age 39

Lost 23 pounds in 12 weeks

*This individual requested to keep their identity private

Kelli - Age 28

Lost 12 pounds in 12 weeks

Eric - Age 19

Lost 27 pounds in 12 weeks

Amy - Age 56

Lost 43 pounds in 12 weeks