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How This 49-Year-Old Mom Lost 20 Pounds in 4 Weeks!

... By making 3 simple “tweaks” to her eating and exercise (And Without Pills, Extreme Dieting, or Hours of Exercise… and without any experience!)

By Stu Schaefer – Celebrity Weight-Loss Coach

My Boss and I were talking in our office when two women came in. They had “accidentally” seen one of our ads in the local newspaper.

The truth is… they were cutting up the newspaper to use in the bottom of a birdcage!

Anyway, they started explaining how they’d made the decision to get in shape. They realized they “let themselves go”… and it was time for a change.

You see, they had given everything they had to being good wives and good moms. And they put themselves last. But now their kids had grown, and they had time to spend on themselves

Well, after we got done talking, one of the women – Emily – decided to work with me. Her friend decided to try to do it on her own. (I’ll tell you what happened to Emily’s friend later.)

Emily and I sat down and started talking.

She was so disappointed in herself. It turns out Emily was a former beauty pageant winner. She had always taken care of herself – until she became a mom.

In fact…

she didn’t realize how out-of-shape she was until I took her before picture...

And when she saw it… she started to cry. She didn’t realize how bad her body looked. (She had been avoiding the mirror – pretending everything was ok.)

Then… we started looking at her eating and exercise habits. (Actually, she had no exercise habits. She didn’t exercise at all.)

Emily was only eating 1-2 meals a day. She wasn’t working out. And she was drinking a lot of her calories from juices, smoothies, and alcohol.

She had Repressed Metabolic Syndrome. Her body was in a catabolic state – and it was storing fat.

I knew that once we shifted Emily into The Thermogenic State – she would easily burn body-fat.

Her biggest concern was that she didn’t have a lot of time. She still had a house to take care of and was busy. Plus, she felt guilty investing in herself.

So we had to come up with a plan that didn’t require much exercise. And an eating plan that was extremely easy to follow.

And we did.

Emily was eating 5 meals instead of 1-2. And she got to eat almost all of her favorite foods. She actually looked forward to eating because her meals were so delicious!

She was only working out 30 minutes a day – 6 days a week – Usually around 9:00 a.m.

Another concern Emily had was being able to work out with weights. She was very scared, and was worried she would have to use all sorts of equipment at the health club.

But all Emily did was a few exercises with dumbbells. And I was there to support her as her confidence grew.

Within the first week, Emily dropped about 4.5 pounds!

This is a little unusual, so I double checked my instruments to make sure they were calibrated correctly. (They were.)

I also made sure to check Emily’s body-fat levels – because I was worried she was losing muscle. But she wasn’t. 

She had actually gained a half a pound of muscle. (This is good – even in women – because it makes you look more toned and causes your body to burn more fat.)

Emily felt great. Her energy was so high, that she stopped drinking coffee. And she fell in love with her workouts… She would walk with her friend for cardio. And she had no problem doing her weights for 30 minutes.

The next week, Emily and I did a check-in, and she was down another 5 pounds!

I was a bit surprised. Normally, my clients lose 2-3 pounds a week. Emily was losing so quickly, I was still worried she might be losing muscle. But she wasn’t.

I remember her arms toned up so fast, that one day we were working out and I did a double-take. And then she told me how firm her butt and legs had gotten. She caught a glimpse of them in the mirror and even impressed herself!

Anyway, she kept up the same routine and – at the end of the 4th week – she had dropped 20 pounds of fat!

I was amazed.

Right then and there, I took Emily’s after picture and we looked at it on the digital camera.

When Emily saw it… she cried again! (But this time it was because she was so happy.)

Emily looked like a different person.

Her posture was so much better. All her muscles were toned. She looked 10 years younger. And she was so happy.

This was the Emily she knew. And now she felt like herself again.

She loved her body. And she loved the program. It was so simple – and so fun – Emily easily made it her new lifestyle. And her results became permanent.

Unfortunately, Emily’s friend didn’t experience the same success…

Six months had passed since we had met. And Emily’s friend had only lost 4 pounds. She was devastated. She’d seen how quickly Emily transformed, and wondered if there was something wrong with her.

Finally, I convinced her to work with me. (Or maybe Emily convinced her.) She was on a tight budget, so I promised that she would succeed or I’d refund her investment.

In the next 8 weeks, Emily’s friend lost 18 pounds

But more importantly, she learned how to control her body. And she discovered why she couldn’t lose weight before – even though she had been exercising.

Now… These two women are not only best friends… they’ve also become workout partners. (And they’re still going strong today!)

Truth is, I used the same program with Emily as I used with Ashley… and with Emily’s friend. It’s the same program I use with ALL my clients… because it works so well.

Yes, I tweak the program to fit each of my clients’ lifestyles – and specific needs. But it starts with the same framework.

The fact is …

The only way to lose weight and keep it off (without wrecking your body) is by putting it in The Thermogenic State.

Once Emily (and her friend) got into The Thermogenic State… They easily lost weight and burned off body-fat.

The reason Emily responded so quickly was because she hadn’t been exercising – and had barely been eating. And once we made the changes, her body was forced to respond by burning fat and losing weight.

The key is this:

Anybody can get results like Emily did…

…as long as you put your body into The Thermogenic State. When your body’s in the Thermogenic State, it has no choice but to burn fat.

But most people overcomplicate things. They starve themselves. They exercise too much. They jump from diet to diet.

And all this wrecks your body – and makes it virtually impossible to lose weight and burn fat.

Look… if you’re serious about losing weight… and you’re tired of not getting (or maintaining) the results you really want…

Then here’s what to do:

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Now, if for some reason you want to try this on your own, then you should invest in my Home Study Course.

This is a course that you can do at home. And it will lay out the same nutrition and exercise protocol that Emily used. (And if you’re self-motivated, this can work really well for you.)

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Stu Schaefer

P.S. – Emily succeeded because she invested in herself. She sought help. Emily’s friend didn’t succeed because she tried to do it on her own. But once she got help, she got the results in a fraction of the time.

Letting someone help you doesn’t mean you’re weak or incompetent. The smartest, most successful people in the world have coaches – because they know how much it helps.

But you’ve gotta take action. Don’t wait and keep hoping something will work. You can’t keep doing what you’ve always done. Otherwise, you’ll keep getting the same results.

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After getting arrested when I was 13 years old, I spiraled into a deep depression and became anorexic. For two years, I struggled with the eating disorder – until I stumbled upon a health program that pulled me out.

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