Month: July 2018

The Best Fitness Workout Routine – Surprise!

The Best Fitness Workout Routine

“What’s the best fitness workout routine?  How can I tone up as fast as possible?”

This is the most common question I got as a personal trainer.

NEWS FLASH!  The workout you do isn’t as important as many so called “experts” would have you believe.

In fact, when your nutrition is on point, you could do ten different types of workouts and get the same results from all of them.

So… is there an ideal routine you should be doing… read on and let’s get through the scams out there!

How To Be Great – Get The Answers You Need

Stu Schaefer - How to be great

Who is Stu Schaefer?

I’m Stu Schaefer.  I’m here to help you be great.  Being great is different for everyone, but there are common qualities that make you great.

Having great health is one.  Building a body you’re proud of is another.  Being successful financially is important.  Making sure you’re great emotionally and mentally is also important.  Having friends, helping those around you, and even being part of something bigger than you… these are all qualities that create greatness.